Build Landing Pages in Minutes without Coding Skills or a Designer

Building your website can take countless hours and cost thousands of dollars.

And when you need to add new pages to your site, you’ll be stuck working with a clunky website editor. Or, you’ll be forced to hire a professional designer to do it for you.

Not anymore. Now, you can build beautiful landing pages in just a few  minutes without hiring a professional designer — with the ALL NEW AWeber Landing Page Builder. It’s never been faster to create visually-stunning landing pages for your small business! 

How to use the AWeber Landing Page Builder

This 2-minute video shows how you can create amazing-looking landing pages in just a few minutes! Click below to watch the video.

Anyone can create a landing page with the AWeber Landing Page Builder!

“The magic of our landing pages is the simplicity of it. Each landing page template is beautiful, effective, and super easy to use.  It extends our email marketing software in a very natural way” says Chris Vasquez, AWeber’s director of product.

Here’s how AWeber’s landing page builder will make it easier than ever to grow your email list:

  • You don’t need coding or technical skills. Use the drag & drop builder to add images, update text, and customize your design. 
  • Get professionally designed templates that look great on any device. Choose from a gallery of responsive landing page templates.
  • You don’t need a website. Build landing pages without ever creating a website.
  • Use the AWeber image gallery to store both landing page and email images. Need to use the same image in your email and landing page? Just upload the image once and you can access it again and again. You even get a library of free stock images!
  • It seamlessly integrates with your AWeber account. Anyone who completes your landing page joins your AWeber email list automatically — no extra setup required.
  • Grow your email list quickly. AWeber’s design team created these templates with one goal in mind — convert more of your visitors into email subscribers.
  • It’s free with your AWeber account. Every AWeber customer gets full access to AWeber’s landing page builder for free.

Whether you are  just starting a new business or need to grow your audience, the AWeber Landing Page Builder is the powerfully-simple way to create awesome-looking landing pages that will grow your audience while making your business look great.

Build beautiful, custom landing pages today!

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  1. MZ

    3/9/2020 11:34 am

    It’s good to have but inability to add videos makes it much less useful. Hopefully that changes soon. Thank you

    [03/19/20 Admin note: video in your landing pages is now fully supported.]

  2. Cathy Goodman

    3/9/2020 2:30 pm

    Wow! This is great. Thanks so much!

  3. Kevin Puls

    3/9/2020 8:07 pm

    I received the email notification this morning about the new Landing Page builder and already created my own.

    Created a new list and a subsequent LP for that list.

    I couldn’t believe how easy it was to create the LP.

    Thanks, the team at AWeber!

  4. Mike Searles

    3/9/2020 8:34 pm

    Good stuff, Aweber!

  5. CJ

    3/9/2020 10:58 pm

    FINALLY! 🙂 Thanks for this awesome upgrade. I was thinking about leaving Aweber, because all competitors already have this feature. Happy I waited, saves me the hassle of migrating everything.

    Have to test it, but great job keeping up.

  6. Chris Vasquez

    3/9/2020 11:06 pm

    Thank you so much for the feedback everyone! We’re really excited about helping you share you businesses, passions, and missions with the world and think landing pages will be a great tool to do just that.

    If you have any suggestions for how we could make the tool easier to use or more powerful, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We’re here to serve you and when you tell us what problems you’re trying to solve, and what neat things you’d like to do it makes our jobs way easier!

    MZ, great suggestion, and we might just have support for video coming your way soon.

  7. Ogida Steve

    3/10/2020 1:44 am

    Wow finaly, the missing feature is integrated into aweber. I can’t wait to use it very soon.

  8. Eli

    3/10/2020 2:49 am

    Agree with MZ. Needs to be able to embed video. Thanks! On the right track

    [03/19/20 Admin note: video is now fully supported in landing pages. ]

  9. VP

    3/10/2020 5:36 am

    Thank you very much. That makes our life much easier now. Appreciation!

  10. Veronica

    3/10/2020 5:40 am

    Thank you very much. Appreciate your effort to make our life easier. Agree, video integration will be great!

    [03/19/20 Admin note: video in your landing pages is now fully supported.]

  11. Chris Vasquez

    3/10/2020 6:43 am

    Thank you so much for the feedback!

    We have a bunch of improvements slated for the next few weeks and will share as soon as they’re released! We’re so excited about continuing to build this new feature out and making it even easier to use to to build an audience of really engaged subscribers.

    Keep sharing your ideas!

  12. Katie Guenther

    3/10/2020 12:08 pm

    I am so excited to have landing pages as an option in Aweber for my business and for my clients!
    Will you be adding tagging to the landing page? Would love to have better insights and stay in my main subscriber list.

    [Admin note: Yes, tagging is fully supported!]

  13. Capture page, Squeeze page..

    3/10/2020 12:51 pm

    Seems like you are talking about a Capture page also called a Squeeze page but you called it a Landing page. The landing page is the page they go to After entering their name and email. The Landing page is also called a Sales page. Seems like you are using the wrong terminology which brings confusion.

  14. Brandon Olson

    7/30/2020 2:48 pm

    Thanks for the feedback. We recognize that terminology varies from person to person. Landing pages is a general term that encompasses many uses. For example, a squeeze page or capture page is a type of landing page that is intended to collect someone’s email address. A thank you page, sales page, or confirmation page is a type of landing page someone see after subscribing.

  15. Anderson

    3/10/2020 5:50 pm

    Great initiative, very good!
    However, think about the possibility of installing the Google and Facebook conversion scripts on the thank you pages, so that we can record the conversions.

    [Admin Note: Facebook pixels and Google Analytics are now fully supported.]

  16. Jason

    3/11/2020 4:46 am

    Thanks for the demo, great addition.

  17. Paul WIlcox-Baker

    3/14/2020 5:56 pm

    So what URL do you get for your landing page? Is it of the form or something else? Thanks, Paul.

  18. Brandon Olson

    3/31/2020 4:29 pm

    Hi Paul. Thanks for your question. Currently, the URL for your AWeber landing page is auto-generated and can’t be customized. That being said, we have received similar feedback and we will take that into consideration for future enhancements.

  19. Ritchie godsey

    3/18/2020 11:33 am

    Pls add videos

    It will make it complete

  20. Hervy

    3/18/2020 12:39 pm

    Good. Another vote for video! 👍

  21. michael mcginn

    3/18/2020 6:12 pm

    Sounds nice. Can I point my own domain to the landing page?

  22. Brandon Olson

    3/31/2020 4:32 pm

    Hi Michael. You can set up URL forwarding with your domain host to point your domain to your AWeber landing page, but you cannot do that inside AWeber. We have received requests to customize the landing page domain and we will take that into consideration for future enhancements.

  23. David Kiefer

    3/19/2020 3:37 am

    I have Clickfunnels and several funnels. How many funnels can I have on a domain?

    [Admin Note: you can have an unlimited number of landing page funnels.]

  24. Tom Kulzer

    3/19/2020 4:24 pm

    Happy to announce the additional capabilities of:

    tagging new subscribers
    – adding videos to landing pages.
    Facebook Pixel support
    Google Analytics tracking

    Our team continues to iterate on your many suggestions. Would love to see some of the landing pages you create in the comments!

  25. Steffen

    3/21/2020 2:38 pm

    can I integrate these landing pages into my WordPress website so that visitors don’t see an aweber URL but my website domain?

  26. Brandon Olson

    3/31/2020 4:34 pm

    Hi Steffen. Unfortunately, you cannot customize the landing page URL at this time. However, we have received similar requests and we will take that into consideration for future enhancements. That being said, if you’re simply adding forms to your WordPress site, you can use our new WordPress plugin to do that:

  27. Randall Magwood

    3/23/2020 6:27 pm

    Are these landing pages designed and setup to get approved by Google Ads and Facebook Ads?

  28. Brandon Olson

    7/30/2020 2:42 pm

    Hi Randall. You should have no issue getting your landing page approved by Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

  29. ausomsat

    3/25/2020 7:17 am

    Thank you. It is going to save our time.

  30. Phil Hampton

    3/28/2020 12:07 pm

    Will the landing page URL always show as the one generated by Aweber, or is it possible to change the URL to a domain I own? I could redirect a domain or page to the Aweber URL within my hosting, but it might put people off entering their details into the form if they see a weird URL at the top of the page.

  31. Brandon Olson

    3/31/2020 4:36 pm

    Hi Phil. Thanks for your question, and we completely understand your concern about the look of the URL. Unfortunately, you cannot customize the landing page URL at this time, be we have received similar requests and we are taking that into consideration for future improvements.

  32. Imran

    3/29/2020 2:59 pm

    This is a very good feature to have now, makes it very easy. However, I have question which could be as an option, if I need to integrate this with one of my Website domains, how do we do it? does it support it?

  33. Brandon Olson

    3/31/2020 4:37 pm

    Hi Imran. Thanks for your feedback and question. Currently, you cannot customize the URL to your own domain. However, we’ve heard similar feedback and we are keeping that in mind for future enhancements.