4 Ecommerce Services Every Digital Entrepreneur Needs to Know About

Selling your products and services online doesn’t have to be stressful. With so many ecommerce services out there, the trick is finding the right one for your needs. Check out four of our favorite ecommerce tools for online sellers and entrepreneurs.

Selling your products and services online doesn’t have to be stressful. These days, there are numerous ecommerce services that make it easy to grow your business on the web.

But with so many options, the overwhelming part can be finding the right fit for your needs.

To make that task less daunting, this month we’re featuring four ecommerce tools to help increase your sales. All of these services integrate directly with AWeber, so you can connect them with your email campaigns and stay focused on marketing, not coding.

We asked these four ecommerce partners to explain why you should consider them, and to provide special offers for AWeber clients. Here’s what they had to say …

1. WooCommerce

Joel Bronkowski, Chief Business Development Officer at WooThemes. Twitter: @woothemes

Who is WooCommerce best suited for?

Anyone who is looking to sell online and wants to get started affordably and quickly. WooCommerce is a free plugin that works with the popular WordPress platform. If you use WordPress to manage your site and create content, WooCommerce is for you.

What sets WooCommerce apart from other, similar apps?

Store owners can fully customize their site, extend their site via WooCommerce extensions, and take advantage of thousands of WordPress plugins. WooThemes/WooCommerce customers get developer-level support, which can be incredibly valuable when building your ecommerce site from the ground up. And WooCommerce includes a stunning user interface plus a ton of built-in features to help boost your sales.

What benefits/results can marketers expect from using this integration?

Google loves WordPress and that makes SEO a whole lot easier. WordPress plus WooCommerce provides an amazing platform to create content with multiple user permissions.

Why should AWeber customers connect to WooCommerce right now?

Selling online has never been easier or more beautiful. Ship your idea! Our WooCommerce-AWeber integration will enable you to connect your WooCommerce customers to the best mailing service in the world.

5. What’s the pricing model? Is there a special offer for AWeber clients?

WooCommerce has a free package with several features built in. The AWeber extension is only $29 per year for a single-site license, with annual licenses available for $49 (up to five sites) and $99 (up to 25 sites).

AWeber clients can use the code wooaweber20 to save 20% off WooCommerce and WooThemes products until November 15, 2014.

Create your account with WooCommerce here

Get step-by-step help integrating AWeber with WooCommerce here

2. UltraCart

RJ Sakson, VP of Sales and Marketing at UltraCart. Twitter: @ultracart

Who is UltraCart best suited for?

UltraCart is best suited for savvy online businesses that want a robust cloud-based ecommerce platform.

What sets UltraCart apart from other, similar software (SaaS)?

A powerful conversion and tracking area with special attention given to affiliate networks. All UltraCart accounts include a free affiliate management system and free phone support for the life of your account.

What benefits/results can marketers expect from using UltraCart?

UltraCart integrates with AWeber, and a host of other platforms, to ensure that you can continue to leverage the relationships you’re already using to keep current customers and attract new ones.

Why should AWeber customers connect to UltraCart right now?

Often it’s what you don’t know that can kill you: slow loading times, lack of features, or buggy systems can cripple your sales and you won’t even know it. Switching to UltraCart can help to eliminate those issues.

What’s the pricing model? Is there a special offer for AWeber clients?

All new accounts are $49.95 per month with no hidden fees. As a special offer for AWeber clients, we’re doubling the standard 30-day free trial period to a 60-day free trial!

Create your account with Ultracart here

Get step-by-step help integrating AWeber with Ultracart here

3. @Pay

Mike Hogan, Senior Account Executive at @Pay. Twitter: @atpay

Who is @Pay best suited for?

@Pay makes it easier for consumers to quickly and safely make any type of monetary transaction, such as purchasing a product, sending a donation, or renewing an annual membership, with only two clicks in an email — and with no credit card necessary. This is perfect for merchants that feature instantly recognizable products, such as fashion accessories, or non-profit organizations seeking donations.

What sets @Pay apart from other, similar apps?

These days, more and more emails are read on mobile devices. Since all smartphones have an email client installed, @Pay is easy for everyone to access. The @Pay 2-Click Email Checkout enables payments and purchases to be made without ever leaving the email program.

What benefits/results can marketers expect from using this integration?

Checkout complexity leads to a 70% cart abandonment rate. This is what @Pay helps to alleviate with a vastly simplified checkout process: two clicks instead of multiple pages, clicks and keystrokes. The simplified process leads to happy customers, who buy more products. Retargeting and remarketing to prospects who abandon shopping carts with an @Pay button is another major sales opportunity. One of our merchants experienced a 30 percent lift in transactions and increased the average transaction amount after implementing the @Pay Email Checkout.

Why should AWeber customers connect to @Pay right now?

AWeber is a Certified Email Marketing Provider for @Pay. Connections with the leading payment gateways and processors are in place, there’s no long-term commitment, and you can use as many @Pay buttons as you want. This is a fast, easy, effective way to increase your sales with email.

What’s the pricing model? Is there a special offer for AWeber clients?

The subscription model is $10 per month for the service plus $0.25 per transaction. Note that it is a per-transaction fee not a per-button fee, so merchants only pay when their buttons are generating revenue.

Create your account with @Pay here

4. Zaxaa

Welly Mulia, CEO of Zaxaa. Twitter: @zaxaaautomation

Who is Zaxaa best suited for?

Zaxaa is best suited for digital product sellers who want to easily and quickly sell their products/services, set up sales funnels, and recruit affiliates to help sell their products.

What sets this Zaxaa apart from other, similar apps?

Zaxaa is very easy to use even with so many built-in features. The sales and performance reports are a strong point that most other shopping carts can’t match. We provide both detailed and “at-a-glance” reports, including Lifetime Customer Value and Retention Rate, within a few clicks.

What benefits/results can marketers expect from using this integration?

AWeber clients can automatically add customers to their email list. This allows them to easily follow up with customers, ask for feedback, offer help, and continue marketing and selling with greater relevance.

Why should AWeber customers connect to Zaxaa right now?

So that they can automatically add their customers to their list.

What’s the pricing model? Is there a special offer for AWeber clients?

Zaxaa offers three pricing plans: Instant Automation (3% per sale), Premium Automation monthly ($67 per month) or annually ($399.95 per year).

Through Thursday, Nov. 6, AWeber clients can use coupon code “aweber” for an exclusive 20% discount for new Zaxaa Premium Automation plans (monthly or annually).

Create your account with Zaxaa here

Get step-by-step help integrating AWeber with Zaxaa here

What’s Next?

Whether you’re new to ecommerce or a seasoned seller, we want to know how these apps are working for you. Leave us your comments and questions or share your tips for growing a successful online business.

Olivia Dello Buono contributed to this post.


  1. Erik Emanuelli

    11/5/2014 6:28 am

    Hi Hunter,
    thanks for sharing these options with us.
    Really interesting.
    I’ve used Zaxaa to promote CommentLuv affiliate links.

  2. Jose

    11/13/2014 5:52 am

    Thanks for all the options listed in this article. How integrating Aweber directly with Stripe? When’s that going to happen?

  3. Lynette Young

    11/14/2014 12:58 pm

    Thanks for the suggestion Jose! We are always looking for new integration partnerships and this looks like a great idea to look into. — Lynette Y.

  4. Ian @ Sales Support Services

    11/23/2014 11:28 pm

    The fact that these tools can help improve sales is an advantage. These are great options, Hunter! Thanks for this

  5. Hunter Boyle

    11/24/2014 5:08 pm

    Thanks for the feedback, Ian. If you’re growing your sales with any of these tools, or other ones, let us know.