1. Tanja

    12/7/2016 4:51 pm

    Best tips ever! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Liz Willits

    8/30/2018 8:44 am

    You’re welcome! Thanks for reading.

  3. dick runstadler

    12/9/2016 1:13 pm

    i will be setting up my web site in jan 2017 , working on now

  4. dick runstadler

    12/9/2016 1:14 pm

    great will be starting on this next week . looks great and i need it

  5. Swaraj

    12/9/2016 2:10 pm

    do you think we need to buy optin things before having traffic? ususally i buy these software after 100 visits a day .

  6. Liz Willits

    8/30/2018 8:45 am

    Do you mean purchasing a sign up form platform? Yes, it’s important to have your sign up form in place. That way, when you send traffic to your site, you’ll be able to turn those visitors into leads.

  7. Gdomains

    12/12/2016 10:56 pm

    Tip #1 in theory sounds great to only ask for less and just email but what about when you have your mailing list. Studies I’ve read show your emails are more likely to end up in spam when you don’t address the user so if you didn’t collect their first name, your ability to get your message through decreases and so does your trust.

  8. Liz Willits

    8/30/2018 8:44 am

    That’s a good point! However, I think collecting email address and first name is not overwhelming for your subscribers or asking too much information. But when you ask for phone number, address, and more it can reduce your conversion rates.