Spend Less Time Writing Emails with These 12 Pre-Written Email Campaigns

Once you select your email marketing provider, you have everything you need to send awesome emails. 

There’s only one thing left to do: get started! The sooner you start writing and sending emails, the sooner you can build lasting relationships with subscribers. 

Writing quality content – and doing so consistently – is one of the biggest challenges for anyone who sends emails and is also one of the most important. According to research 49% of consumers said that they would like to receive promotional emails from their favorite brands on a weekly basis.

That means writing engaging email campaigns is incredibly important. But who has the time and energy to write and send consistent emails at the most opportune time for each subscriber?

Autoresponders save you time and energy

Next to you, autoresponders are the hardest-working member of your team. They work tirelessly for you, never take PTO, vacation, or even a lunch break. 

Why is that? Because autoresponders are email messages that you set up in advance to send automatically at a time interval that you set. You have control over the number of emails sent in a sequence and when they are delivered. Some autoresponders may only have a single thank-you email, while others may have multiple emails in a sequence depending on the campaign’s purpose. 

Autoresponders can ultimately save you time and energy. It lets you connect with your audience around-the-clock, convert leads into customers, turn customers into superfans, and drive serious results via email. And it does all of this while you’re busy doing other important things, like running your business.

But there’s one big catch: your email campaign needs to include the right emails in the proper order if you want to reach your goals.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could easily import a proven, tested campaign from an email expert into your AWeber account with just a few clicks?

Well, you can!

12 best autoresponder email marketing workflow template series that work (and why)

We created pre-written autoresponder email marketing campaigns with fill-in blank templates to get you started.

Adding any of these pre-written automated email campaigns into your AWeber account will save you time and allow you to market your business 24/7. 

It is super easy to set up: pick your favorites, copy the Campaign Sharing Code, click the import option, and paste in the code. Your autoresponder campaign will upload into your AWeber account in seconds. 

Then, all you need to do is personalize the email template included in each autoresponder by filling in the blanks, and hit activate. Voila — you’re done!

Example of a pre-written email with fill-in-the-blanks

Fill-in-the-blanks email template

Welcome Series Campaign

A welcome email series is the first step to building a lasting relationship with your audience. It’s a great chance to introduce yourself and allows you to build a relationship with your subscribers right away. 

Welcome emails can also have a significant impact on your business — in fact, they can generate 320% more revenue per email, 4 times higher the open rates than other emails, and 5 times higher click-through rates than promotional emails. 

Use this automated email series to welcome new subscribers to your list and begin building a relationship with them.

Number of emails: 3

Welcome series workflow
Campaign Sharing Code: 9605ee72-1c51-4007-bf57-ade68d5df807

Lead Magnet Campaign

A lead magnet — a.k.a. freebie or incentive — is what you give someone who visits your sign up form or landing page to entice people to join your list and provide their email address. 

Not sure what to include as a lead magnet? Learn how to create an effective lead magnet in less than a day!

This automated email marketing workflow will deliver your lead magnet to your new subscribers immediately after joining your list. It will give them your lead magnet and start to build an awesome connection with you and your brand.

Number of emails: 1

Lead Magnet campaign workflow
Campaign Sharing Code: bcdb6dcc-75cf-4d5b-87e3-776a278f0872

Cart Abandonment Campaign

On average, 7 out of 10 shoppers will abandon a cart by leaving a product or service in a website shopping cart before they complete a purchase. 

But the good news is that if you follow up with those people, there is an incredibly high potential for those individuals to become customers. In fact, over 40% of abandoned cart emails are opened.

With this campaign,, it is easy to send an abandoned cart email with a promotional offer to encourage a website visitor to become a loyal customer.

Number of emails: 1

Cart Abandonment campaign workflow
Campaign Sharing Code: 968323e8-700f-4aef-848e-5d42b33a9c0d

Mini-Course Campaign

An email mini-course is a simple series of automated emails that deliver educational or instructional content. Online courses provide valuable instructional content that people need to learn and grow. 

But, you don’t need to pay for extra software or find a new service to teach with an email course. Deliver your lessons by importing AWeber’s autoresponder Mini-Course Campaign.

If you’re a course creator, a free 5-lesson email mini-course is the perfect way to show off your expertise, build a relationship with new subscribers, and then promote your paid course at the ideal time. This campaign will help you do just that!

Number of emails: 5

Mini-Course campaign workflow
Campaign Sharing Code: 8532ec68-b8c4-40d8-84ec-f9ccd1d322a0

Blogger Series Campaign

Want your audience to fall in love with your blog content? 

This automated campaign will show off your best blog posts, so subscribers keep coming back for more. 

Use this automated email series to welcome new subscribers to your blog and build a relationship with them. Plus, it will welcome people to your email list and promote your products or services.

Number of emails: 3

Blogger Series campaign workflow
Campaign Sharing Code: c1768039-86d8-4948-b23c-bdc67098312b

Personalized Dynamic Content Campaign

Content that is relevant to subscribers’ interests can translate into increased engagement and conversions. How important is personalized content? 72% of consumers say they only engage with personalized messaging. 

Personalized dynamic email content allows you to tailor your email messages to each subscribers’ interests without needing to create multiple versions of an email. You can pull in variables like subscribers’ geographic locations, their associated tags, and personal information. 

Use this automated marketing email series to introduce dynamic content in your automated campaigns. 

Number of emails: 3

Personalize Dynamic campaign workflow
Campaign Sharing Code: f08ebc68-7b04-44b6-a30d-f0a8dca3b5f8

On-Demand Digital Purchase Campaign

Are you selling a digital asset online, or have you thought about creating one?

Digital products are often easier to create and distribute than physical products. Their digital format means you can distribute your product to your customers quicker and more cost-effectively.

Use this automated email series to provide on-demand access to a recent buyer. 

When you digitally deliver your products to the customer, you have a great opportunity to give them information on how to use the products and point them in the direction of additional resources they might find useful.

Number of emails: 1

On-Demand Digital Purchase workflow
Campaign Sharing Code: 34b2cebb-9824-4435-b529-f66c99de36bd

Fitness Freebie Campaign

If you’re a fitness trainer, one of the best ways to showcase your value is through a freebie.  This lets you build your email list and give potential clients a taste of your personality and fitness expertise. 

It can be a short video, a one-page tip sheet with your favorite exercises, or even healthy recipes you can make in under 30 minutes. 

Just add a sign up form to a one-page landing page that you can share on your favorite social channels or website.

Use this automated email series to generate leads and welcome them to your mailing list with a free piece of content.  

Number of emails: 1

Fitness Freebie campaign workflow
Campaign Sharing Code: e7557150-1803-44d8-b47d-781dca716d5b

Five-Day Fitness Email Course Campaign

A five-day fitness email course educates, delights, and helps you build stronger relationships with your subscribers.

When you use email automation to deliver an email course, you help make your subscribers’ lives easier by providing information they need in digestible steps, which helps you build trust with your subscribers and keep them engaged over time. 

Creating an email course might sound a little daunting at first. But anyone can do it, and AWeber makes it easy by guiding you with fill-in-the-blank prompts to create your Fitness email course.  

We started you off at five days, but you can adjust the length as needed. 

Number of emails: 5

Fitness Buy-Up Prompt

Whether you’re a personal trainer, health coach, or nutritionist, keeping in touch with customers and prospects is one of the best ways to grow. 

Generating customer leads is essential to growing your fitness business, but converting those leads to clients is how you build your revenue. One of the best ways to market to potential customers is through email. 

Check out this made-for-you, single-message campaign specifically designed to put your best offer in front of your loyal readers with promotional content like discounts and special offers. 

Number of emails: 1

Fitness upsell workflow
Campaign Sharing Code: c1ad6fcd-5124-4f7a-8529-9263c91c9a13

Podcast Series Campaign

Email is one of the best ways to promote your podcast. Did you know that email is 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook or Twitter? 

As you build your email list, you have a valuable asset that you can promote a paid product (either yours or an affiliate product that you earn a commission), a service, or a sponsorship opportunity.

This automated campaign will show off your best podcast episodes, so subscribers keep coming back for more. 

Plus, it will welcome people to your email list and allow them to find out your favorite episodes, upcoming shows, and more!

Pro tip: AWeber has a number of free tools specifically created for podcasters.

Number of emails: 3

Podcast campaign workflow
Campaign Sharing Code: 8cb94f3d-d1b0-4f4a-b9f4-99c0052f467f

Travel Blogger Series

Your travel blog is your customers’ go-to destination for travel tips, vacation ideas, and ways to save money. But to take advantage of your resources, your readers have to remember to visit your site for updates. 

Make it easy on them by sending your favorite travel blogs to your subscribers via email to drive your blog’s views. 

This autoresponder email series has tons of opportunities to show off some of your favorite photos, memories, and travel tips for all aspiring explorers. 

Number of emails: 3

Travel Blogger Series workflow
Campaign Sharing Code: 64a72f99-9c63-4381-9003-133e4989b667

These autoresponder campaigns are shareable. 

AWeber Shareable Campaigns gives you the ability to add another email marketer’s pre-built, successful email campaign into your account in seconds. Think of these automated campaigns like blueprints that you can easily tweak and customize before sending it to your own audience.

On the other hand, you can share your best campaigns with the click of a button, too. For each campaign, AWeber’s platform will generate a unique code that you can hand out to others.

AWeber’s Shareable Campaigns will help you automate your email marketing faster than ever before.

Here are some ways you may be able to use Shareable Campaigns

Marketing agencies and consultants: Easily pass along essential and useful email flows to your clients or team members’ accounts.

Franchises and teams: Share campaigns across accounts, so all messaging is on-brand. Emails will share a consistent look (the same templates, imagery, fonts, and colors) and voice and tone.

Marketing experts, bloggers, or educators: Do you teach others how to incorporate email into their marketing funnels? Share automated campaigns with your students or clients so they can get started with email automation.

AWeber Advocates: Create a Shareable Campaign as an incentive to drive new referrals to AWeber. Simply share your Campaign code with your audience, along with an AWeber sign up link with your Advocate ID attached. You’ll receive a recurring 30% commission for anyone who signs up for an account with your advocate link.


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