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Marketing through email has proven highly effective. But to do that, you need someone to market to.

Many businesses collect email subscribers and social followers with invitations on their web sites. This method steadily increases their audience as more and more people encounter their site and sign up.

So to grow your own subscriber list, you need to first attract visitors to your site, then present them with clear and compelling reasons to sign up for your emails.

The trick to that process (which we’ll explore in this guide) is:

Provide Great Content, And They’ll Sign Up For More

Invite someone to sign up for your daily journal ramblings or aggressive emails insisting that they buy, buy, buy, and you’re not likely to get many takers.

Prove on your web site that you provide helpful, interesting information on a topic they’re interested in, and they’re far more likely to sign up to hear from you again.

This guide will show you:

  • Types of helpful content you can create, no matter what your topic
  • Examples of the content major companies provide
  • Places to source or advertise marketing content
  • Tips for running an online contest that brings in traffic, and finally,
  • Ways to convert your new site visitors to email subscribers

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