1. Mike Searles Coaching

    4/8/2020 5:17 pm

    Some very useful email marketing tips here! Thank you.

  2. Jenn

    4/10/2020 2:21 pm

    I love your new landing pages! Currently, a page on my website “redirects” to one of your landing pages. Is it possible to integrate the landing page directly as part of my website?

  3. Brandon Olson

    7/30/2020 2:36 pm

    Hi Jenn. You can integrate your AWeber landing page with your website if you’re using our WordPress plugin.

  4. Jon Weberg

    4/12/2020 12:24 am

    Especially during these times it is SO necessary for the majority of “offline” businesses to be taking a serious look at getting into email marketing. And for those who already are online, they need to take a serious look at making sure they are improving every aspect of their current email marketing in order to optimize their opt-in rates, sales conversions, engagement, etc, for the future. Great post, and I’m glad she decided to make the move!