Case Study: How The Draw Shop Uses Email Marketing To Turn Website Visitors Into Paying Customers

Got a big idea? The Draw Shop can help. The team of 20, led by co-founders Erik Kerr and Summer Felix, create attention-grabbing whiteboard videos designed to boost sales and marketing success for companies large and small.

The Draw Shop works with everyone from independent authors to huge corporations like Google, collaborating with them each step of the way to create the perfect video.

But when your customer base varies as much as The Draw Shop’s, how do you maintain a steady flow of highly-qualified leads? According to The Draw Shop co-founder Erik Kerr, email marketing has played a pivotal role in reeling in fresh prospects since day one.

An Attention-Grabbing Sign Up Form

The Draw Shop’s sign up form is critical to the company’s success. Here’s why: In addition to their marketing and advertising efforts, which includes SEO, Google advertising and various landing pages, The DrawShop receives a ton of organic search traffic. The sooner they can collect a prospect’s email address, the sooner they have a new, paying customer.

attention grabbing sign up form

“We have a lot of opportunities for people to sign up on our website – above the fold next to a whiteboard video, on our sidebar and in our header,” Erik said. “That’s how we schedule our consultative calls.”

A Detailed Customer Survey

After a prospect signs up to the email list, they are presented with a survey on the Thank You page so The Draw Shop can assess the client’s needs. When do they need a whiteboard video? Are they interested in voiceover services? What type of whiteboard video are they interested in? The Draw Shop uses the survey as an opportunity to delight their customers, too. Check out a sampling of their questions below.

example of customer survey

Once the prospect answers the survey, The Draw Shop them has a better idea of their needs, and they’re better prepared to contact them for a consultative call (aka a Pow Wow). After that, they’ll get a follow up series that contains educational materials about whiteboard videos, case studies and more information about how The Draw Shop works.

“We have lots of assets, so they might not see everything when they visit our website,” Erik said. “Email helps them get to know us better.”

Tying It All Together with Email Marketing

The Draw Shop has less than 3,000 people on their list, but they have open rates of up to 80 percent on their follow up series. Instead of trying to grow a larger list, they maintain solid engagement with their existing customers while scheduling consultative calls with prospects.

“Our system isn’t complex,” Erik said. “We’ve always relied on email marketing, and I don’t see that changing.”

So far their hyper-focused strategy has proven successful, and they’ll continue to use it as they launch new products throughout 2015.

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    6/22/2015 2:17 pm

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