How Dadsigner Creates a Consistent Brand With Email Marketing

Visual designer and author Michael Smith found that many of the products aimed for infants were unattractive and poorly designed—and nobody seemed to be talking about it.

“I knew there was a void in the dad blogger space. People were talking more so about parenting, rather than the best products for kids,” he says. “Instead of having a playroom stocked full of shiny, plastic toys, I thought, what if we all bought fewer toys that are higher quality?”

It’s this concept that inspired him launch to launch his blog, Dadsigner. As a visual designer by trade, his blog has become a trusted resource for parents seeking out quality products for their kids, as well as photography and design tips, DIY projects and personal anecdotes.

Finding time to blog

Being a new dad definitely comes with its challenges, one of which is finding the time to create content. But Michael quickly learned that breaking up his content workflow was the best use of his time.

“I created a backlog of topics I want to cover,” he says. “When I get free time, I make rough outlines for as many of these as possible. When I sit down to write, I’m filling in the specifics and not figuring it all out at once.”

In order to keep up with his posting schedule, he committed to a weekly frequency and plans to increase his posting as his blog continues to grow. He admits that consistency is key.

“Finding your posting cadence is crucial. I’m committed to once a week, for now,” he says. “As my blog grows, I’m aiming to post more frequently in the future.”


Using email to capture his audience

When his blog was in the early stages, he admits his growth was slower than he would have liked. He experimented with new tactics in order to see a steady increase in subscribers.

“I’m using email to grow a list of avid fans, as well as running ad swaps with like-minded bloggers.”

Michael’s email strategy is part of the reason he is able to consistently drive traffic back to his website. He attributes the success of his content to the focus on design and branding. “I am a designer, after all.”

He says his biggest challenge is juggling all of the projects he has in motion.

“It’s hard being a new parent, working a 9-to-5 and making time to grow an audience. Having a decent backlog of articles ready-to-go helps make the transition to consistent blogging easier.”

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  1. Bryce Baker

    4/15/2015 1:29 am

    I am also a new dad as of 8 months ago and I love the idea of reviewing the quality of toys.

    I keep a notebook handy to write down ideas and outlines. It always helps to have the outline of something laid out and ready for when I actually feel ready to write.