Your AWeber Experience – Perfect Website Content

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Even the most seasoned affiliates can struggle with content from time to time. We all know the frustration this can cause.

What a lot of affiliates don’t know is that your personal experience with AWeber can be the most powerful content tool you can possibly use.

Let’s examine why this is the case, and how we can use this to our advantage.

Why Should I Use My Experience as Content?

Using your personal experience or testimonial about AWeber can cover many bases. It’s a simple, yet effective tool that you already have the content for if you are an AWeber customer.

The benefits of using this often neglected tool are:

  • Uniqueness – I guarantee that there will not be an identical post or page that has your unique AWeber experience – it’s simply not possible.
  • Personal Approach – Your firsthand experience with our service will add a warm and personal touch to your affiliate campaign.
  • Social Proof – Your personal account along with others, can act as social proof for purchasing Aweber.

One can easily see how your experience with AWeber can be used as a very effective marketing tool.

What Should I Use as Content?

There are many different subjects you could use as your AWeber affiliate marketing content. Since Aweber offers many features within it’s autoresponder program, you could pick one that has helped your marketing campaign.

Some other great ideas could be:

  • Your contact with our world class solutions team and the positive effect they have had on your marketing.
  • A new feature within AWeber and how it has helped your business.
  • An overall review of AWeber and general testimonial on your AWeber experiences.

We have a testimonial on our Facebook page that demonstrates the power ( and comedy ) of a personal testimonial. Check out “DJ” Dave Bernstein as he talks about his new AWeber socks!

You can also view another great example at

As you can see, using your own experiences can lend itself to limitless possibilities.

Moving Forward

Remember, you want to build credibility and trust with the visitors to your website or blog.

By giving a personal and sincere account of your personal experiences with AWeber, you are not only creating a 100% unique ad for your affiliate campaign, but you are also building the foundation for a very productive relationship with your website or blog visitors.

Good luck and happy marketing!