Affiliates – Are You Tweeting?

Social Media Marketing had very strong year in 2008. As affiliate marketing gains more momentum in the social realm, all predictions for 2009 look equally promising.

With this is mind, AWeber affiliates should be taking advantage of the benefits this growth has to offer.

It should come as no surprise that Twitter is at the forefront of this explosion:

  • Twitter boasts 4-5 million users worldwide
  • Around 5-10 thousand new Twitter accounts are opened every day
  • 70% of Twitter users joined in 2008

For complete information on Twitter’s performance in 2008, please take a look at this study on the state of Twitter in 2008.

The rise of Twitter in 2009 is a foregone conclusion. This little tool offers a lot of big benefits that an AWeber affiliate can take advantage of.

How Can Twitter Benefit an AWeber Affiliate?

  1. Direct Marketing

    Twitter’s micro-blogging concept can be very useful to an affiliate who desires to reach more people and promote their affiliate campaign. As you learn more and grow as an AWeber affiliate, you can “tweet” your experiencesand promotions to those following you.

    You can also “tweet” and new promotions or additions to your blog or website.

  2. Indirect Marketing

    Within your social sphere, you will often find people who want to learn more about AWeber and are looking for guidance or direction. This is a perfect opportunity to share your AWeber experiences with them and convert them into followers and/or purchasers.

  3. Affiliate Marketing Information and Education

    Not only will you able to reach people who are interested in purchasing an AWeber account through you, but you can also get up to date information from others who can help your campaign grow.

    Twitter is a great resource for networking with other affiliates and sharing resources in real time. The information sent through other affiliates “tweets” can prove very valuable to your affiliate education.

AWeber and Twitter – The Perfect Match

As an AWeber affiliate, you should be aware of our recent Twitter integration. We offer the ability to tweet your broadcast newsletters as well as your blog broadcasts.

These two new functions are perfect material for your affiliate promotions of AWeber. Using your creativity, you can share your experiences with your followers about how these functions work and how they have worked for you.

You can also use our Twitter integration as a direct way of updating your followers about your affiliate campaign directly. Doing so will automatically update them as to the goings on of your affiliate campaign and also give you more exposure.

Other Twitter Applications

Due to it’s popularity, there are many other applications that are written for Twitter. These applications often enhance the usability of Twitter and customize it’s functions.

Some applications we suggest taking a look at are:

  • Tweetdeck – Enables Twitter content to be much more manageable.
  • Twhirl – A desktop client that can be used with Twitter.
  • TweetStats – Makes graphs and charts out of your Twitter usage.
  • Twitter Search – Allows you to search Twitter users and tweets in real time.

For many more useful Twitter apps, please visit the Twitter Fan Wiki.

A Note on “TWAM”

I have seen both customers and affiliates use Twitter to send out useful and relevant information to their followers.

As with any other medium or marketing tool, there always is the potential for abuse.

Please keep in mind that no matter what social media tool you are using, always send out information that is relevant to what your subscribers expect from you. Also, please adhere to the terms of service for any tool you are using and refrain from any form of spam, or in this instance “TWAM”.

For more on spam, check our Spam FAQ.

Happy Tweeting!

You will learn a great deal more about Twitter and it’s many applications to social media marketing using the resources given above. This looks to be a great year for social media marketing and you should take advantage of the tools and trends available to you.

Good luck and Happy Tweeting!