Your AWeber Affiliate URL – A Versatile Tool

When you become an affiliate, AWeber provides you with an affiliate URL. It is a simple, yet important, promotional tool that looks like this:

You then copy that URL and paste it into your website or newsletter. When people see that affiliate link, they can click on it and are directed to AWeber. If they purchase an AWeber account, you get commission for the sale.

Simple enough, right?

But did you know that your URL is much more flexible and can be used in many different ways?

Enter The Custom Subdomain

In my opinion, the first thing an affiliate should do when they open an account is create a custom subdomain.

The custom subdomain allows you to change the appearance of your affiliate URL from something like the above URL to something like this:

…Big difference, huh?

When you customize your affiliate URL, you gain the following benefits:

  • Your AWeber URL is branded to match your website or business name.
  • The customization provides a more warm and personal approach to your marketing.
  • A URL with your domain name or branding is much less confusing for your customers to identify and eventually click on.

To change your AWeber affiliate URL, log in to your affiliate account and click on “Customize link”. From there you can easily customize your link to reflect your specific product or service.

Quick note: When you create a custom subdomain, both the custom subdomain and the original AWeber affiliate URL will credit your affiliate account for any sales.

Redirecting Your Traffic

One thing we always emphasize when communicating with your susbscribers and customers is relevance. With a few minor changes, you can make your affiliate URL redirect to a page on AWeber that is more relevant to your particular topic or service.

For instance, if a page on your affiliate website is about learning autoresponders, why not direct your AWeber affiliate URL straight to our video tutorials? This can be easily done by changing the URL path just a bit.


Now your AWeber URL directs to a page on AWeber directly related to the topic at hand, giving your campaign more homogeneity and value to your clients.

And yes! This will work with your custom subdomain. An example would be:

would become…

Using this simple customization will give your campaign a more relevant look and feel.

It’s All About The Image

We do supply you with over 21 banners to choose from within your account. But there may be an instance of our banner not really matching the tone and color scheme of your blog or site.

That’s OK – you can easily link your affiliate URL from the image you want to direct to AWeber! The process is very simple, just take the image you want to use and make it a clickable anchor. Here are instructions on making your own image clickable.

You will then have a custom image that directs to your AWeber affiliate URL.

Get Creative!

As you can see, your AWeber Affiliate URL is more than just a static URL to be inserted into a page on your web site.

If you use your imagination, you can come up with other creative ways to promote AWeber and make your affiliate marketing more profitable.