Affiliate Tip: Web Site Test Drive

Issue IV

Many AWeber Affiliates have asked for more information about writing their own long copy. They seem to realize that “long copy” isn’t just about more words. Rather, it’s about more detail, and more useful information tailored specifically to a target audience.

When writing your own long copy, structure your text as follows:

Pull the Reader in

No one reads everything they come across. To convince your audience that your text is worth reading, make your first sentence or two very interesting. Make a bold statement, say something seemingly ridiculous, or appeal to your prospect’s emotional side. Then, tie this grabber in with the rest of your copy, and you’ll have a reader for life, (or at least to the end of your text).

Introduce the Product

What is an AWeber follow up autoresponder? What does it do?

Directly after your grabber, give a compact explanation of the AWeber follow up autoresponder. Keep this explanation short, while still being very clear. A follow up autoresponder is unique in that, although it can be of great use to almost any business, few people fully understand what it does. If more people knew, then more people would buy. This is your chance to tell them; take it!

Explain the Product’s Significance

By writing your own copy you ensure that your advertising will directly target your unique audience. Make the most of this opportunity! No one knows your audience like you do. Clearly explain how *your* readers will benefit from an AWeber account. Give examples, and suggest interesting uses. This is the section for details – make this section long and rich.

Send the Reader to AWeber

You’ve come so far – you’ve laid out exactly what a follow up autoresponder is, and how it will help your audience. Now, seal the deal – tell your readers to purchase the AWeber product! Include your affiliate link in this section.

This step may sound strange, but it’s necessary. People often hear about a product and are genuinely interested, but fail to actually make a purchase. A clear call to a simple action cuts down on buyer ambivalence. Don’t be pushy – just change your verb tenses to the imperative. Instead of:

“If you think that you fit this profile, you might want to think about purchasing an AWeber account.”


“Click here to order an AWeber account today.”

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