Affiliate Tip: Make More Sales With Longer Copy

Issue III

As an AWeber affiliate, you make money by referring customers to AWeber. But, what’s the best way to do that? How can you make your affiliate advertising most successful? For starters, keep reading!

Make More Sales With Longer Copy

It’s a simple marketing truth: Long Copy Sells. And yet, many affiliates hope to bring in sales by describing a product in just a sentence or two!

Revamp your affiliate advertising to include longer, more detailed text, structured as follows:

  1. Start with a grabber sentence. Entice your audience to read further.
  2. Next, introduce the AWeber follow up autoresponder. What is it? What does it do?
  3. Thirdly, explain how a follow up autoresponder from AWeber can help your specific target market. Give examples, and clearly explain how *your* readers can use an account.
  4. Finally, tell your readers to purchase the AWeber product, and to put it to use today! Include your affiliate link at this point.

Free To Publish: AWeber Articles

Writing your own long copy can make your affiliate advertising much more effective, because you can directly target your unique audience. However, long copy can be difficult to write. Even if you don’t write your own, you can still make use of long copy!

AWeber periodically releases articles about business and follow up autoresponders. As an AWeber affiliate, you can reprint or link to these articles for free! To find out more:

  • Login to your Affiliate Control Panel by entering your Affiliate ID number and password at the main AWeber page.
  • Find the section titled “Free Content,” and click the “these articles” link. This will bring up a page titled “Free Web Site and E-Zine Content.”
  • Follow the instructions on that page.

Tell Your Tale: Testimonials

We all tend to put more stock in what individuals have to say about a product than in blatant advertising. If you’ve had personal experience with an AWeber account, let your audience know!

Explain what you’ve used the account for, and how it has helped you. Talk about how easy the account was to use, or how long it took you to set it up. Include numbers wherever you can, (e.g.
“My sales increased xx% in xx days”).

Quick and Easy Ads

No time for long copy just now? Get a quick fix with one of these shorter ads. These ads fit in all the places that longer copy doesn’t – in your e-mail signature, the favorite-links page of your web site, on your home page, etc..

Replace “YOUR-ID” with your AWeber affiliate ID. Keep the rest of the URL intact, including the forward slash and question mark.

URL as it appears in the ads below:

URL as it should appear for the affiliate whose ID is 00000:

    Unlimited Autoresponders & Newsletters
    99.34% email delivered. Free support.

    Email Templates, Autoresponders & Newsletters
    99.34% email delivered. Zero Risk

    Reliable Email Deliverability
    E-mail follow up, ad tracking, & real-time stats.

    Create Email Newsletters
    99.34% email delivered, easy to use.

(The sample ads above may only be used to promote products or services offered by AWeber Communications.)

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