Free Content and A Big Gorilla

Issue XIII

More Free Content! This tip shows you how to answer a burning question nearly every one of your prospects is asking.

Then, the Featured Feature explains the 800 pound gorilla of the unsubscribe process: the Remove Link / Page. And, you’ll see how AWeber customer Gary Canady took the giant gorilla thing further than originally expected…

FREE Content: Answer a Burning Question

latest free articles answer a question that nearly every single person who has considered a follow up autoresponder asks: “How Do I Write My Messages!?” Offer these simple, easy-to-follow instructions to your prospects today:

How to Structure A Follow Up Series

[By: Beka Ruse]

Marketers the world over use follow up autoresponders to increase sales. But, many struggle to write a compelling message series. Don’t be one of them! Use these
message-by-message blueprints to follow up with finesse.

Read the rest.

How to Write A Follow Up Message

[By: Beka Ruse]

Smart marketers know that autoresponders drive sales. But, many don’t know how to write the e-mail messages they need in order to use these tools. Learn to write a masterful follow up message with these simple steps.

Read the rest.

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Featured Feature: Remove Link / Page

Better marketing leads to more sales!
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through the Featured Feature column.

It’s important to take care of leads not just while they are active, but also when they want to unsubscribe. To that end, the AWeber system appends a “remove link” to the bottom of each outgoing message. Each link is different, but closely resembles this sample:

To unsubscribe or change user options click:

Notice that the link is encoded – no information about the customer or lead is visible until it is clicked. This remove link leads to customizable “remove page.” The remove page tells the lead:

  • To which AWeber customer list he is subscribed.
  • On what date he subscribed.
  • With what name,
  • And, with what e-mail address.

From the remove page, the lead has the option to either unsubscribe from the list or change his name / e-mail address:

Feedback from unsubscribing leads is an invaluable resource! So, the AWeber remove page gives these leads the option to leave comments. AWeber will forwarded these comments directly to the account owner:

These example pages use default formatting, but customers can easily customize the remove page. By adding his company name, logo, and a link back to his web site, each customer can make the page match the rest of his web site.

The Remove Link / Page: Who Digs It?

The remove link and page are the 800 pound gorilla of the unsubscribe process. This means they’re right up AWeber customer Glenn Canady’s alley! Glenn used customization features to pull together this rocking remove page for

Customers like Glenn understand the importance of managing an opt-in list in a professional manner. The AWeber remove link and page make doing that simple!

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