Affiliate Tip: How to Build a Better Web Site – Part II

Issue XII

Building a better web site is a hot topic! Everyone wants to have a site that sizzles, including AWeber affiliate Jeff Whitaker. Get more tips below… Then hear from Sean Cohen about this tip’s Featured Feature – Personalization.

How to Build a Better Web Site – Part II

Every affiliate wants to have a site that sizzles, including Jeff Whitaker of AmstarEMarketing. Jeff asks:

“Can you tell me if there is a recommended web site format specifically suited to a good affiliate program such as AWeber?”

That’s an important question, Jeff. While no single format is the best, some sites do work better than others.

For instance, many AWeber affiliates see success with informational sites. Follow up autoresponders are incredibly useful, but can be confusing to beginners. Informational sites explain what autoresponders are, and their many uses. Several of the free articles AWeber provides fit well on sites like this. (Find these articles in your Affiliate Control Panel.)

Regardless of the format you settle on, keep these two things in mind:

  1. Make the site clear and concise. Its purpose should be obvious, and it’s design sleek. Add a headline that immediately explains what the site is all about. For example, use this one:Autoresponders: What They Are, And How To Use Them To Make More Sales!
  2. Take advantage of free search engine traffic. Use the keywords “autoresponders” and “autoresponder” in your titles, headlines, and body text. Search engine optimization is a complex field, but you can do well by just using these keywords naturally throughout your site.

Featured Feature: Personalization

Better marketing leads to more sales!
Learn more about your product through the Featured Feature column.

Message personalization is a very powerful feature of the AWeber autoresponse system! When a lead requests information from an AWeber autoresponder, the system actually captures that lead’s name.

Customers then place a special variable in the subject line or body of each message, and the AWeber system inserts each lead’s name at that point. The end result is that each lead receives an e-mail addressing him by name! This is a very powerful sales tool, and is included FREE of charge with all AWeber accounts.

But, names are only the beginning of personalization features! In addition to full, first, and last names, customers can add e-mail addresses, dates, an ad category, and extra remove links to their messages. What’s more, AWeber can automatically correct the capitalization of each lead’s name! So, even if a lead entered his name as:

LENNY LEAD, lenny lead, or LeNnY LeaD

capitalization correction allows him to be addressed as the much more professional:

Lenny Lead

To get an idea of the possibilities, check out this sample message. Each bolded item was inserted using personalization features:

Dear Lenny,

Your subscription to this newsletter has been activated!
To unsubscribe at any time, click here.

As a subscriber you get a chance to try out my product
for free for 30 days. Be sure to download it before your
free trial expires on October 24, 2008!

Best Regards,


This message was sent to Lenny Lead at Our records indicate that Lenny
requested this information on September 24, 2008.

Personalization: Who Digs It?

According to surveys conducted by AWeber, 75% of our customers use our personalization features! Customer Service Manager Sean Cohen lets us in on what they’re doing with them:

“Customers really like the fact that they can correct the capitalization of their leads’ names. And, our newsletter publishers like being able to tell subscribers everything about their subscriptions, like when they subscribed, and with what e-mail address.

Customers tell me that the personalization features give them the tools they need to design professional-looking e-mail.”

Personalizing sales messages raises response rates undeniably. Remember to mention personalization features in your affiliate advertising!

For more information, check Personalization FAQ. And, remember to login to
your Affiliate Control Panel for tips, tricks, sales materials, and free content.

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