Affiliate Tip: How to Build a Better Web Site

Issue XI

Find out what Tom Kulzer knows about building a better web site. And, hear Kevin Crowell sound off about his AWeber account!

How to Build a Better Web Site

AWeber Founder and CEO Tom Kulzer fields questions from affiliates about all sorts of things. Today, he explains how to make your so-so site respectable:

“Affiliates regularly ask me how they can improve their campaigns. I find that many of their web sites could be vastly improved with a few simple tweaks.

One of the best ways to make a so-so site respectable is to add content! Affiliates often fill their web sites with tiny little ads and banners, because that’s all that they have. They mistakenly think that because a web page has a lot of stuff on it, it’s a good web page. Wrong!

Web site visitors want real content. Real content comes in many forms: news, chat rooms, and editorials all make for great content. But, they can be time-consuming to create, and require technical and writing skills.

I tell AWeber affiliates to take advantage of our free content. These are articles that are specifically geared towards bringing more visitors to your affiliate URL. What better content could your affiliate site have?”

FREE Content: AWeber Articles

Grab one of free articles for your web site or newsletter. Try this one, by AWeber Founder and CEO Tom Kulzer:

Do Your Potential Customers Forget About You?

[By: Tom Kulzer]

Your web business probably gets product inquiries from potential customers around the globe. But, after you’ve delivered that first bit of information, do you send anything else? So many potential customers are lost because of poor follow up – don’t you want to be one of the few to get it right?

Get all free articles from your Affiliate Control Panel:

  • Login to your affiliate control panel from the main AWeber page.
  • Click the “Free Content” link. This will bring up a page titled “Free Web Site
    and E-Zine Content.”
  • Follow the instructions on that page.

Featured Feature: List Import / Export

Better marketing leads to more sales!
Learn more about your product
through the Featured Feature column.

Business people know that their leads are their livelihood. With import list function, moving your opt-in leads to AWeber has never been easier!

Fixed data formats are now a thing of the past. Opt-in lists in almost any format can be easily imported into AWeber accounts. Also, lists can use any character delimiter, and fields can be in any order. Customers can import opt-in lists of all types! For instance:

A Standard Tab-Delimited List
This list shows each lead’s e-mail address, name,
and message number separated by tabs:

lennylead@AWeber .com Lenny Lead 0
lisalead@AWeber .com Lisa Leadson 0

A List With Fields in a Different Order
This list shows the same fields, but in a different order:

Lenny Lead 0 lennylead@AWeber .com
Lisa Leadson 0 lisalead@AWeber .com

A List With A Different Delimiter
This list uses the same field order as the previous,
but uses an asterisk delimiter instead of a tab:

Lenny Lead*0*lennylead@AWeber .com
Lisa Leadson*0*lisalead@AWeber .com

But new leads can’t have all the fun! AWeber accounts also include a list export feature.

Customers can export their leads in both plain-text and Microsoft Excel format. Also available is a selective export, allowing customer to export only sections of their lead lists instead of the whole thing. For example, customers might export a list of all of their AOL leads, or all leads added in the last week.

Note that only leads who have specifically opted in may be added to AWeber accounts. For more information, check Anti-Spam Policy.

List Import / Export: Who Digs It?

Who uses list import and export features? Almost everyone! But customer Kevin Crowell of Sleeping Cat Designs is especially impressed:

“Just wanted to drop you a note to say ‘thanks.’ Managing leads, adding leads, etc., is easy and the system WORKS!”

You said it, Kevin! We’ve worked hard so you don’t have to. The AWeber system is a powerful one, and we do our best to see that our affiliates are well-equipped to promote it. Login to your Affiliate Control Panel today, for free content, banners, and more!

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