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The Wine School of Philadelphia

An interview with Keith Wallace, Founder of The Wine School.

Keith Wallace is the CEO and founder of The Wine School of Philadelphia; an affordable place that anyone can go to learn more about wine. The school offers classes on basic wine 101, food and wine pairings and the wines of other countries. You can take classes to get a certificate or hire the school to host a fun wine-filled event.

Keith says all communications in The Wine School are through email. He sends out information about upcoming events and classes along with other wine information. He likes that email is traceable; there’s a record of what was sent and even if it was read.

Email also allows for better time management. Instead of time consuming phone calls, a simple email communicates all the information about upcoming events.

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With email being traceable, Keith can see how many conversions he gets from his emails. Keith reports that 5-10% of their income is directly related to their email newsletters.

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