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SEER Interactive

An interview with Adam and Mark from SEER.

SEER Interactive is a search engine optimization firm in Philadelphia.

SEER sends out their blog posts as email newsletters. They needed a measurable way to find out what their customers were reading on the blog so they could write more about those topics.

With AWeber’s reports on email opens and clicks back to their site, they were able to do just that.

While you can measure a blog post’s success on things like comments, tweets and likes, those stats can rely heavily on who posted the topic and who’s spreading it on social media. Email sends the message directly to the subscriber’s inbox, so reports on what subscribers do with each email tells a much clearer story as to the success of the post.

With SEER able to focus on providing content their audience wants, they’ve seen both email subscribers and blog readers grow.

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Adam Melson, SEO Consultant at SEER, says, “AWeber has helped us extend a newsletter to clients and industry professionals to help keep them in touch with our site. We’ve seen our blog subscribers continuously going up as we use email marketing and it makes it extremely easy to create a respectable newsletter in a short amount of time.

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