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MamaTone Fitness

Dustin Maher helps moms get into shape.

Dustin Maher started MamaTone Fitness shortly after graduating from the University of Wisconsin in 2006. His mission is to help moms get in the best shape of their life. Besides his gyms, he also has DVD courses, a book and his blog.

Since he has a local audience in addition to his national audience, he has multiple lists depending on what the subscriber is interested in (boot camps, blog tips, DVDs, or something else).

Dustin relies heavily on segmenting based on location. AWeber helps him do this, and it has become an important part of his marketing.

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Since deciding to increase his reach and offer his tips online, Dustin has grown his list to over 12,000 subscribers. Dustin now has 10 different locations in the Madison, Wisconsin area.

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