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The Bee Folks

The Bee Folks’ honey is available on their site.

Lori Titus and her family started beekeeping in 1997 with two hives. They started using the honey from these hives to create a variety of products and their business started to grow. They now have a new home in Mount Airy, MD with 15 hives. Lori was able to quit her day job to run the family business full time.

The Bee Folks send about two emails every month. They share recipes, their latest products, coupons and news about their business.

Sometimes an email needs to go out to subscribers who live near their actual store, informing them about events and sales. The segmenting feature allows them to create a broadcast message and send it out to nearby subscribers.

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The Bee Folks originally had a snail mail campaign, spending about $500 to send 2,000 postcards. These postcards contained a coupon code, plus an invitation to join the email list.

Unfortunately, the return on investment was not great. “I remember we got maybe five or six people signed up to our list from that mailing,” Lori reports, “and maybe two or three people using the code.” With email, it’s a different story: “Every time I send something through the AWeber list, I can expect to generate a couple thousand dollars in sales.”

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