The Pros and Cons of Google+ for Your Email Campaign

It’s the new Facebook. It’s better than Facebook. It can’t possibly compete with Facebook. There are plenty of conflicting opinions out there about how Google+ compares to existing social networks.

Google+ is a brand new social network that’s been generating some online buzz for several weeks now. Google is testing their new network’s features and membership is still invite-only right now. But as it gets closer to a public release, it’s time to start thinking about how Google+ might fit into your online marketing mix.

We at AWeber have our own opinions on Google’s foray into social networking. Listen to Jay, Andrew and I discuss our thoughts on Google’s new social network and what it means for your content marketing and email marketing efforts.

Listen and Learn

In the new podcast episode, we talk about what Google+ is (for the uninitiated), how it compares to Facebook and Twitter, and how you can use its features to extend the reach of your marketing campaign.

We cover these topics in-depth to give you a clear picture of what Google+ could do for your small business:

  • How Google+ makes it easy to share online content (like your emails!) from all over the web
  • The strengths of Google+ features compared to Facebook and Twitter
  • Ideas for segmenting your customers with Circles
  • What Sparks and the +1 button are and how they can make your content more visible
  • How Google’s new toolbar makes it easy to share any kind of content from your Gmail inbox, Google Docs, Google search results, Google Maps and other Google services
  • The future of Google+. Will it last? Will it vanish in 6 months? Will it fill a new niche that Facebook and Twitter don’t?

…plus a whole lot more.

Does Google+ have a future for content marketers? Tune in to find out!

Keep The Conversation Going

Are you planning to integrate Google+ into your online marketing strategy? Have you thought about using Circles for segmenting or hosting a Hangout with your customers? Can you think of other ways Google+ fits into your email marketing that we didn’t cover in our podcast? Keep the discussion going below!


  1. Devin

    9/8/2011 10:59 am

    Hey guys,

    Great podcast! You should really do more of these — it’s an excellent format for delivering certain subjects. You probably already know this, but there was a squeaking chair in the background that was a tad distracting at times. Other than that, it was awesome. Informative and light-hearted — perfect way to start the day. Thanks!

  2. Jeff

    9/9/2011 3:46 am

    @ Devin – I didn’t even notice the chair ’till you mentioned it. Now it’s driving me crazy …Thanks! đŸ™‚

    But really guys great podcast. If only I could actually get a Google+ account.

  3. Sterling

    9/10/2011 4:04 pm

    The music.

    The music is outstanding!

    The music for opening and closing the podcast is what I mean.

    Oh, and the podcast was informative.

    Aweber information sharing with podcasts, videos, and more is always good.

    But the music, well, the music is — as noted above — outstanding!

    So keep up your excellent work…

    and your great music, too!