Investing in the Future: Meet Our 2015 AWeber Scholarship Winner!

Here at AWeber, we’re invested in educating future generations. As part of that mission, we host an annual scholarship contest to encourage young people to reflect on how technology has impacted our world. Read on to learn about our 2015 winner!

Education is kind of a big deal here at AWeber.

On any given day, you can find someone from our team learning more about their craft during their spare time or sharing their expertise with others.

Beyond the walls of AWeber HQ, we also make it a point to support the next generation of students – particularly as they pursue their interest in the STEM fields. In addition to inviting local students to learn about careers in these fields from the AWeber team, we hold an annual scholarship contest to encourage students to reflect on how technology has impacted our world. And win a little cash.

This year’s essay prompt? Describe how technology has changed over the last few decades, and the impact it has had on society.

And after much deliberation, we’re excited to announce this year’s winner of the $1,000 scholarship is… *drum roll* …  Falen Leyba!

Falen’s essay on the ways in which the Internet has impacted our daily lives and further connected our world was a standout among over a thousand applicants.

Falen touched on how advances in technology have enabled us to connect, communicate and obtain information unlike ever before – which has had a tremendous impact in every aspect of our culture (including art and science).

Falen is a student at The Honors College at Arizona State University. She’s passionate about drawing, writing short stories and reading her favorite news-related apps (Politico, AP). Spiderman and Deadpool battle for the title of being her favorite superhero (both excellent favorites to have, Falen).

Congratulations, Falen, and good luck to you in your bright future!

If you had to answer the question how technology has changed the way we communicate over the last few decades, what would you say?

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