Supercharge Your Mobile Game with Justine Jordan’s ASCEND Talk

justine jordan

Mobile isn’t the next big thing in digital marketing – it’s already here, and it’s already huge. Justine Jordan‘s ASCEND presentation, “Fat Fingers and Small Screens,” drove home the importance of mobile-optimized emails for business owners everywhere. Next time you sit down to develop an email campaign, keep these points in mind.

Don’t ‘blast’ your readers

Emails can and should be a beautiful experience – they’re not a JPG, a PPC campaign or a one-page website. Remember, your email list is made up of real, live people, so treat them that way. Your emails should provide a thoughtful and engaging means of connecting with the people who want to hear from you the most.

Keep design at top of mind

Eighty percent of people will delete your email if they can’t read it on their mobile device, and 30 percent will unsubscribe. That’s why conversion rates on mobile tend to be lower – people get frustrated with ugly emails and bail. Mobile-optimized emails with big buttons, white space and a single column design are easy to read and are widely preferred.

Use actionable and useful terms

You only have about 35 characters to work with in your subject line, so make each one count! Your subject line needs to be both interesting and relevant to your email. Don’t forget about the preview space that subscribers see before opening your email. Use that space to provide meaningful and useful information. In addition to your subject line, that’s what will get people to open your email!

I like big buttons and I cannot lie.

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justine jordan

Who is Justine Jordan?

A lover of content, customers and cats, Justine is a recovering designer masquerading as a marketer. Once responsible for designing, building, and managing email campaigns for ExactTarget customers; she is now director of marketing at Litmus, where she leads content marketing, customer education, and research initiatives. She’s strangely passionate about this email marketing thing, hates being called a spammer, and still gets nervous when it’s time to hit the send button.