How A Scrapbooker’s Online Business Let Her Quit Her Day Job

This is the story of Monja Wessel, a woman who was determined to make her full-time job be running the online business she created.

It’s also the story of a mother who lost her job and decided to help her daughter accomplish her goals. Together, Monja and her mother grew the Digidesignresort site; a place where people could learn about digital scrapbooking through tutorials, templates and DVDs.

Monja succeeded; her online business provides not one, but two incomes. And today, Monja and her mother run multiple online businesses. She’s even started training others how to run a profitable business online. We talked to her and created a guide for other online businesses to follow her lead.

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Monja’s story is encouraging for all business owners. We learned how she was able to confidently start doing her online business full-time, plus checked out how her email marketing campaign was set up and performing. We combined her advice with what we were able to see she was doing right, and created this guide.

You’ll learn:

  • Monja’s full story and personal advice
  • How she used email marketing to build her business
  • How a follow up series can do most of the work
  • How gifts can keep people excited about your business

How Were You Able To Go Online Full-time?

Did your online business allow you to quit your regular job? How did you get to that point and know you were ready?