How To Make Money With An E-course

E-courses are great for you and the people who want to learn from you.

Have a blog but no product to sell? Sell an e-course that teaches people something related to your niche.

The best part is, you can earn a passive income for a long time after setting up your e-course just once.

If you’ve never run an e-course before, here’s some reasons why you might want to, plus some ideas to get you started.

First, The Why

There are two big reasons you’d want to run an e-course:

Easy Money

Selling an e-course is a simple way to make money with your skills. You have special knowledge that people will want to pay to get. Use it to supplement your income.

And it’s a way to show off your products, prompting more sales.

Set It Up Once, Make Money Off It Forever

E-courses are easy to set up and they run themselves.

All you have to do is write your content and set it up once and you can run it again and again, bringing in more passive income with just a day or two of work setting it up.

Now, The What

“But what could I teach paying students?” you ask.

Part of this depends on your industry and part of it depends on your skills. Your course should be related to your business and needs some kind of catch – what can you teach that someone else in your industry can’t?

We’ve got a few industry-based ideas to get you started:


DIY is huge right now, no small thanks to sites like Pinterest. Start a beginners’ crafting course for people who are new and want to latch onto do-it-yourself trends.

Do you have a secret technique that makes your crafting easier? Share your insider info in an e-course.

Use the holidays to your advantage. Run a course on crafts people can make as gifts for the winter holiday season.


We’ll start out with the obvious. Teach people the secrets to successful blogging, or how to launch their own blog in a month or a week.

Or, run an “expert series” with your top social media and blog marketing secrets that led to your own success.

Got a special niche? Run an e-course around that. If you’re a wedding blogger, you might want to run a class for brides who want to DIY their weddings. Find areas in your niche that your readers would want to delve into more.

Business Owners

You own a business, so you obviously know a thing or two about the ins and outs of setting up shop. Help other aspiring business owners with an e-course on setting up your own business.

The more niche you can make your advice, the more valuable you’ll make your course. Think things like the rules for setting up a business in a particular state or de-mystifying the tax preparation process.


Run an advanced course on editing photos in Photoshop, with all the nifty tricks you’ve been using for years.

What about a comprehensive course on smartphone photography? You can cover editing apps, photography principles, getting the right lighting, fancy tools they should or shouldn’t use.


Are you a decorator? Teach a course on the basics of home design to new homeowners.

Are you a web designer? Teach people how to code a website in a month.

Are you a fashion designer? Teach your followers how to sew their own wardrobe with a series of online tutorials.

Pet Bloggers/Pet Store Owners

How about a “Train Your Pet In One Month” course? Or advanced pet training for owners whose pets are already well-behaved?

How To Set Up?

Running a paid e-course with AWeber is super simple. We’ll cover setting it up in 4 easy steps in our next blog post. Sign up for email updates from our blog so you don’t miss it!

What’s the most valuable thing you have to teach your customers? Share your ideas with us in the comments!