Tim’s Ebook Marketing Success Story

Last fall, I talked to customer Tim Brennan, chess tactics master, about his marketing plan for the holidays. He’d written an ebook – his first – and had a fresh list-building tactic to try out.

He just followed up with me to report, 3 months later, “This has been a HUGE success.” Here’s Tim explaining just what businesses just starting out can gain from this tactic. (We assume you’ll want to try it (we sure do), so we’ll link to that at the end.)

A Snapshot Of Tim’s Success (In His Own Words)

This is the book I used to build my list.

What Tim Did: Leverage Amazon for email subscribers

What It Got Him: Sales (10-15 books/day) and subscribers

Tim Says: “I used to have to actively try to get people to sign up to my newsletter, but now I don’t make any effort, and it is pretty much on autopilot.”

The Rankings
It is currently ranked #1 for Kindle chess books, and #3 for all chess books (paperback or electronic). It goes between 1-5 in the category rank normally; the sales rankings are updated every hour.

The Email Subscribers
I have got a lot more signups to my e-mail newsletters and my backend database product. I used to have to actively try to get people to sign up to my newsletter, but now I don’t make any effort, and it is pretty much on autopilot.

I don’t have exact stats about how many new signups I have gotten, or what the percentage increase is, but I do know that getting new signups is much easier for me than it was before, and I get a lot of people telling me that they heard about my site from the Amazon ebook.

The Income
I am selling about 10-15 books per day.

I just got a deposit today from Amazon for $827.99 for December, and that is just the US sales (not international, which pushed the total over $900) for December.

The Upsells
The Amazon prospects are much more qualified as well, because they came from Amazon (meaning they are buyers, not lookie-lous or freebie seekers) so I get a lot more upsells to my main product (this program).

I never really made much money from the program, but using this tactic has made a huge difference.

Before Using The Ebook Tactic:

17 sales from July 1 – Sept 30 (and the price was lower) = 1 backend sale every 5.4 days

After Using The Ebook Tactic:

26 sales from Jan 1- March 4 = 1 backend sale every 2.4 days

So I am making 225% more sales than before.

The Authority
Having a book (especially one that is ranked #1) gives you a lot of authority. People are very impressed by that. I have been asked to be a judge for the USCF (United States Chess Federation) on one of their contests, and have been featured in newspaper columns, blogs, etc.

The Experience
I’ve learned A LOT about putting books out on Kindle, and I think it is something every marketer needs to do, or at least seriously consider.

At first I didn’t really even think I was going to make a lot of money, but it turns out to be a really nice side income, and once you have the page up there it is no work at all – Amazon handles all of the payments, customer service, returns, etc. You can literally “set it, and forget it.”

I have got a lot of new fans in the process, and I hear from people all over the world every day how much they like the book. I have people asking me already when the sequel will be coming out!

Tim’s Tips To Grow Their Lists

  • Put out something that is really good quality. It doesn’t have to be long, but it does have to be GOOD.
  • Keep the price low – you are looking for a lot of people to buy it. My book is half the cost of similar books in my niche.
  • Put a call to action for people to sign up to your list. Put it in the very front, so even people who don’t buy the book can see it in the preview (“look inside”) section. I also put a second call to action at the end to remind people to sign up, with a hyperlink sending them to a “squeeze page.”

I’d be happy to answer any more questions, or talk more about the subject. It is very exciting, and I could go on and on about it. :-)

You Heard The Man

If you have a question for Tim, ask in the comments and he’ll answer you.

If you want to check out his book, it’s here.

Now, to live your own success story:

Who Tim Brennan Is

Chess tactics master at Tactics Time. Developer of Amazon-to-email ebook marketing tactic. AWeber customer. Online business success.

Details here.