Do Your Post-Purchase Emails Alienate Customers?

crowd_of_people.pngIt’s an email marketing mistake that happens all too frequently.

A business puts in the time and expense of getting a customer to their website or store, establishes trust and credibility, and gets that person to make a purchase. Which brings them to that critical first post-purchase contact.

Do they use it to provide more value? To reinforce the buying decision? Show the customer how the purchased product is even more valuable than they thought?


They Bring On The Advertising

Take a look at this example of a poor attempt at post-purchase email marketing.

Instead of creating a positive customer experience, this company goes immediately for the wallet. Again. Right after the customer got done putting it away.

This is another good example of how to screw up an email to customers. A company takes a great chance to use email to provide value, and speak specifically to customers, and turns it into a completely untargeted sales pitch.

Two Problems With That Email

  1. The company subscribed the customer without first securing permission. This shows a total lack of regard for the customer’s preferences. Didn’t they think customers would subscribe of their own free will? (Why not?)
  2. The content isn’t specific to the customer. It’s an email flyer, and while some customers may want to get notified of deals on other products, nothing about the list suggests that it’s more valuable/useful to customers than to non-customers.

All in all, the email doesn’t make a customer feel very welcome and appreciated.

Post-Purchase Email Marketing Can Be Effective…

We’re big fans of using email to increase sales. And marketing to your own customers is a great way to do that.

But you need to make sure that they want those emails. That those emails reinforce their purchase decision, and make them more likely to want to buy from you again.

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