Connecting 40Nuggets + AWeber for Email Lists of Gold

Discover how our featured integration partner, 40Nuggets, can help you grow your email list by using targeted lightbox forms to attract quality subscribers.

The following is a guest blog post written by Yael Brygel, Customer Outreach Manager at 40Nuggets, a SaaS company that helps businesses get quality leads from their websites through opt-in messaging and sophisticated targeting. Yael loves reaching out to new clients to help them meet their conversion goals.

The key to any successful email marketing campaign is a killer opt-in subscriber list, filled with people who are excited to open your next email. And when that list is filled with the right prospects, you can engage in a long-term journey with these individuals, moving them along your sales funnel so that they ultimately become loyal customers of your product or service.

As we all know, building a great list can take many hours and some occasional frustration. You can’t expect to receive a high quality email list on a silver platter – but with the right strategy, it also doesn’t have to be hard to obtain.

With the help of 40Nuggets, you can use sophisticated targeting to significantly bulk up your AWeber email list with quality subscribers and prospective customers that fit your business. It may not be a silver platter, but it’s certainly easy to set up.

Through our beautifully designed screen overlays, banners, slide-ins, or lead capture widgets, you can collect subscribers straight from your website. Our seamless integration with AWeber passes their data directly along to the subscriber list of your choice. The best part is, you don’t need any coding or special technological skills to do it.

Once this is done, the fun begins. You can create a tailored, multi-step engagement journey for each site visitor over a period of time, making relevant offers to every visitor on your website.

Smarter Targeting, Better Leads

If you know the characteristics of your site visitors – how each one got to your site and where they came from – you can relate to each of them as an individual, in the language he or she speaks (literally).

With 40Nuggets, you can make offers that are unique and relevant to each customer’s needs and interests. Think about the way you would be treated at your local coffee shop – where the baristas greet you warmly, and maybe even remember your order if you are a regular. This customized approach can maximize conversions and get more leads into your AWeber lists.

40Nuggets offers the following targeting tools. Keep in mind, we do all the work for you. With the click of a few boxes in the Segments section of our Dashboard, you can decide how to greet and interact with every one of your site visitors:

Traffic Source: SEO and paid advertising will bring relevant visitors to your website. Nuggets close the loop, helping you track ROI and present relevant offers. With this feature, you can uniquely target direct traffic and visitors coming from social media, paid campaigns, or a particular search engine. Make your marketing dollars pay off by greeting paid traffic differently than organic visitors.

Visitor Type: Tailor your engagement strategy based on the number of times the visitor has been to your site in the past. 40Nuggets can help track this so that you can target new visitors, returning visitors and loyal visitors differently. For instance, you may choose to create an email campaign with special promotions for customers that come to your site regularly. Create a Nugget for those loyal visitors, while showing new visitors a low-key offer to sign up to your newsletter.

Location (Geo-targeting): With our Dashboard, you can target site visitors based on which state or country they live in. This way, you can send relevant messages to different populations. Let’s say your store in Maryland is having a special in-store-only promotion. You can show a Nugget announcing the sale to visitors from the immediate area, and show out-of-state visitors a Nugget with a small discount for online orders. Show people what is relevant to them, and they’ll be more likely to convert.

Language: 40Nuggets can detect the browser language of the website visitor and allow you to use that information to target specific visitors. Speak to your visitors in their native language to make them feel welcome. If you know your target audience includes a lot of Spanish speakers, you can make a special Nugget that will be shown only to visitors whose browser language is set to Spanish. Offer them a special discount offer, which you can follow up with an automated email describing when and how they can use it.

Demographics: This sophisticated 40Nuggets feature enables you to target people according to household income, home value and whether or not they have children. This will help you segment your offers, such as offering a luxury item to high-income visitors versus low-income visitors. Understanding different demographics in these way can help boost your conversions.

Device: Targeting according to device – desktop computer, mobile phone, or tablet – enables you to engage visitors differently and optimize your offers based on the device.

Special Parameters: You probably already have valuable information about your website visitors, subscribers or customers. In order to leverage this information and engage with your website visitors intelligently, you can pass along data to 40Nuggets so we can better target your site visitors.

If a website visitor is already a subscriber to your newsletter, you wouldn’t want to show them a newsletter Nugget when they come to your site. Offer them something else to upsell them and keep them engaged. We’re here to make sure each engagement is meaningful and goal-oriented.

Connecting 40Nuggets with AWeber

When you use 40Nuggets to provide the best offers on your website for your visitors, you can attract quality email subscribers and grow your list with AWeber. For more ideas on how to use 40Nuggets with AWeber, watch this quick video below:

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