The Scariest Things AWeber Has Seen In Emails

Mangled, mutilated templates. Spelling mistakes straight out of your worst nightmares. Untimely messaging. The horror!

We see a lot of emails come through our inboxes. And we’ve seen a lot of frightening things in some of those emails.

Want to hear a good horror story for Halloween? Then watch these frightening tales of the scariest things the AWeber team has seen in an email:

Truly Horrifying!

Don’t Scare Your Own Subscribers!

Heed our cautionary tales and don’t let your emails end up like the ones we’ve encountered:

  • Test your emails before you send them. Email yourself a copy of your newsletter before it goes out. Seeing it in your own inbox can highlight broken images (or images that are way too big), typos, and other design issues.
  • Proofread your emails. Most Internet browsers have a spellcheck function that highlights misspellings as you type. Pay attention to it and make corrections as you write your content. And get another pair of eyes on your email before you send it out.
  • Make sure your links work. There’s nothing worse than sending a big sale announcement and realizing that you forgot to link to your sale page before you clicked “send.”

What are your scarily smart secrets to making sure your emails aren’t terrifying?