Segment Customers To Build Loyalty

It’s easy to focus on attracting new business by using your email marketing campaign to promote your products primarily to new subscribers and prospects.

While email is the perfect venue for showcasing products and captivating potential customers, it is also equally important to focus on your subscribers that have already spent money with you.

Your buyers had a positive experience in the past, right? Capitalize on that and turn them into lifelong customers.

Here’s how to retain the customers that you already have.

Reel Customers In Without Selling to Them

Your existing customer base is different from your potential buyers. They already made the choice to trust your company with their money once, so take the time to build on your relationship after the sale.

Customers are more willing to shop with you again when they realize you don’t treat them like a number.

Segment your list and use these tips to connect with customers without constantly pushing new items on them.

Ask for Feedback

Ask for feedback

Ask for feedback about recent purchases, and remind customers that good customer service doesn’t end when they make a purchase from you. Assure them that if there are ever any questions or problems, you will stand behind your product.

Suggest Additional Items

Suggest additional items

Suggest complimentary items that will enhance their experience with the product they already bought.

Add Inherent Value

Add value

Discuss different ways that customers can use the product that they purchased. Show them that there’s additional value in what they invested in.

How to See Who Purchased From You

This is where email analytics data comes in handy.

By adding a snippet of javascript to your website, you can track sales to your subscribers.

You can then see which people are buying and how much each purchase amounts to – and segment your list to target your customers.

How to Segment Your List and Send to Existing Customers

Once the javascript is on your site and sales begin to add up, you can separate the buyers from the browsers on your list based on purchase history.

On the Search Subscribers page, use the drop down menus to search your list for customers like so:

Search Subscribers

Then save the search directly above the results…

save segment 1

And send your specialized email only to that segment when saving your message:

Send to Segment

What if You Sell Multiple Products?

Sending messages to subscribers who meet a specific sale amount is helpful if you are only selling one product.

If you have more than one item for sale, you can also search for subscribers based on total order value.

search subscribers greater than

With a segment made up of customers with a history of large purchases, you can:

  • Suggest high ticket items
  • Offer incentives geared only towards the big spenders

How Do You Segment Your Customers?

Do you find that segmenting customers from subscribers leads to repeat sales? We would love to hear how email segmentation helps your business!