App For Etsy Sellers: Easily Email Your Customers

There are 2 things every Etsy shop owner needs to keep growing their sales:

1. A way to follow up with your customers. As an Etsy seller, you leave money on the table if you aren’t following up with previous purchasers, already interested in your products.

2. Tools to do this quickly and easily. You spend enough time crafting your products without spending hours crafting marketing emails.

As a marketing service, we at AWeber watch Etsy with interest – it’s growing on a mammoth scale, with 80% more sales this Black Friday than last year.

AWeber’s core mission to help out as many small businesses as we can. Etsy is full of flourishing small businesses. So we built an app to help them out.

The app lets Etsy sellers:

Follow Up With Customers Through Email

Once the AWeber-for-Etsy app is installed, any time a shopper buys a seller’s product, they are added to that seller’s subscriber list in AWeber.

That means any time the seller wants to contact their customers, they just need to send out an email in AWeber to their subscribers.

Here’s a quick demonstration of an Etsy seller discovering this awesome way to market her shop:

Create Those Emails Quickly

Most likely, you’re going to want to show off new products to your customer list.

So we developed a way you can do that in just seconds.

Drag something called a “product block” right into an email and up pops the option for you to select from the products in your Etsy shop. The details of your product will load directly into the email, including the main image, the product name, the price and a link to the product in your shop.

How To Set Up The App

To get started, log into your AWeber account (if you don’t have one, you can get one here) and find the Etsy app in the “My Apps” showcase.

Follow the detailed instructions found here (there’s even a video, if you’d prefer to follow that).

And Now, A Third (Bonus) Thing

We’re hugely excited about this app, and about the potential it gives Etsy sellers to grow their businesses.

So we actually put together two new email templates specifically for Etsy shops:


In “Store,” the top image is the exact size of an Etsy shop banner – just click it and upload your shop’s banner image for maximum customization. Add in your products and signature, and you have a perfectly branded template.

“Email marketing is absolutely pivotal to our business. It is a primary way we communicate and develop relationships with our customers. We use it to share a bit about who we are and what our business is about.

Plus, it is the way we provide information about specials and treats that we offer only to our newsletter subscribers.”

-Sharon Durfy of Bumbershoot Designs


The “Etsyspired” template resembles Etsy’s color scheme and layout, keeping things easy and familiar for your readers. It also gives you the ability to add or delete columns as needed without interrupting the design.

“I’m excited to have Aweber involved with Etsy so I can easily integrate my fabric art into my marketing campaigns.

The emails offer another connection to my customers where they can get to know me better.”

-JK Dooley of JK Dooley Art

You’ll find both in your AWeber account, ready to load into the message editor.

Calling All Etsy Sellers

If you have an Etsy shop and you email customers through AWeber, we want to hear from you!

We’re looking to feature a few top shops that have solid email marketing campaigns, so comment below with a link to your store and if you meet the criteria, we’ll be in touch!