Double Your Blog Newsletter Readers: Encourage Sharing!

This is the 3rd of 4 posts on how we doubled our blog newsletter subscribers. Be sure to read the other ones on putting signup forms in posts and creating a subscribe page.

Today’s tip is applicable to email marketing in general, but deserves bloggers’ attention because not all bloggers are experienced email marketers, and they’re more likely to miss this idea.

Plus, it’s so obvious that you might overlook it.

If getting more readers without spending on paid traffic or doing some SEO appeals to you, you’ll appreciate today’s tip ? because this tactic gets you subscribers without relying on Google.

Blog Newsletter Grower #3: Get Readers To Share Your Newsletter With Others

Your blog targets a certain group of people with a similar need or interest… right?

And even if you only have a handful of subscribers, each one probably knows at least one or two other people who share that need or interest… right?

So… ask your current subscribers to share your blog!

When they expose your blog to others in your target market, you’re likely to get new subscribers – who then share your blog with other people in your target market…

The ensuing “snowball effect” can bring you an avalanche of subscribers:

36.5% of our active web subscribers come directly from links in our emails!

In other words, many of our email subscribers sign up after clicking a link in an email sent to another subscriber.

How does that happen? Subscribers share the emails with others.

That Snowball Starts With a Single Snowflake

Blog Newsletter Share SectionSome word of mouth phenomena are completely unexpected and organic.

But most of the time, it helps to give people a little nudge.

To the right, you can see a section that we insert into each issue of our blog newsletter. (Click it to see where it sits in our emails).

It gently encourages readers to pass the email along to someone they think would benefit from it.

When someone gets the forwarded email, they can read the article as if they were a subscriber, and they have the option to subscribe via the link in the email.

The subscribe link goes to our blog’s subscribe page ? another reason that you need to create a subscribe page for your blog.

Why Use Simple Email Forwarding?

Some of you might wonder why we encourage people to forward the email directly, rather than use a “send to friend” function.

A few reasons to encourage forwarding:

  • It’s easier – people know how to use email. There’s little chance for confusion compared to “send to friend” forms.(Don’t believe this? Check out what social network GoodReads had to say about why they use forwarding instead of “send to friend”)
  • It’s more accurate – most email programs will auto-suggest contacts as you type them, saving time and reducing misspellings.
  • It’s more likely to be opened – your subscriber’s email address is in the “from” line of the forward.What do you open first, emails from people you know or emails from 3rd-party services?

Next Up: Taking Your Blog Growth Offline (That’s a Good Thing)

Believe it or not, not all blog newsletter marketing happens online.

In the final post in this 4-part series, you’ll learn how we gain readers offline, and discover a few ways that you can, too!

Update: the rest of this series is online – see the “related posts” section at the end of this post!

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