Want Subscribers to Confirm? Get Creative!

Would you spend money on pay-per-click ads (i.e. Google Adwords) and not bother to optimize your landing page content?

What about the price of your product, or incentives you use to build urgency — they affect your conversion rate, so you probably test them, right?

Now… what about your confirm rate? If you could do something to influence the percentage of people who confirm their signups to your email campaign, you would… wouldn’t you?

I recently came across an AWeber user who was frustrated with his confirm rate. As I talked with him, I realized that a lot of you may be missing the same opportunities to get more of your website visitors to confirm.

A Quick Word on Confirm Rates

Confirm rates, while they’ll never be 100% (nor should they be), can actually get quite high. It’s not at all unreasonable to shoot for a confirm rate greater than 75%.

Think 75% sounds too low and you’re “losing subscribers?”

Consider that:

Those aren’t subscribers lost — they were never subscribers in the first place.

On To The Example — Stuart and His Web 2.0 Videos

Getting subscribers to confirm is just like any other part of your marketing process — it can and should be tested/tweaked.

I was on Twitter the other day and saw a comment from AWeber user Stuart, who helps people learn to build web 2.0 applications through a series of video lessons.

He builds his list with an offer of sample videos, and he requires people to confirm to get the videos (a great idea, by the way). Still, he was wondering why his confirm rate wasn’t higher.

I got in touch with him and took a look at his signup process. Immediately, a few things he could do to get more subscribers to confirm jumped out at me.

Like many people, he simply hadn’t put enough attention into making his confirm process a good subscriber experience.

Note: This isn’t meant as an indictment of Stuart’s marketing abilities in any way. I’m actually a big fan of some of the things he’s doing on his signup page.

The fact of the matter is, we see a lot of people who are so busy optimizing the parts of their campaign that come before and after the confirmation:

  • Landing page design and offer
  • Message subject lines
  • Message body copy

that they simply breeze over their confirm process.

Recommendations To Stuart To Improve His Confirm Rate

Below is a link to view the email I sent Stuart, verbatim. That way, you can see exactly what types of tactics you can use to max out your own confirm rate:

You’ll see that while many of them are relatively simple tactics, they’re exactly the sort of ideas that you may have overlooked in your own confirm process.

UPDATE: Stuart has reported in the comments that since implementing these tips, his confirm rate has already jumped from 45% to 65%

That’s a 44% increase in the number of active subscribers he’ll get from his current traffic and forms!

Who knows how much higher he can get it as he continues to test and tweak his confirm process…

How Does Your Confirm Process Look Lately?

How good are your thank you page and confirm email at getting subscribers to complete their signup?

As you read that email, did you see places where you could apply those concepts to your own email marketing campaign?

What are you doing to max out your confirm rate?

Share your ideas below so we can all benefit!