Video Tutorials

This video covers setting up your list in AWeber, plus getting a form on your site so you can start turning visitors into subscribers.

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Getting Subscribers

This video covers the steps on importing an existing list into your AWeber account. (View video on Vimeo)

This video covers how to create and place your sign up form on your website, so you can start turning website visitors into subscribers! (View video on Vimeo)

Creating Messages

This video covers the creation of a Follow Up message — an email that is inserted into a series of automated emails that go out to your subscribers when they sign up to your list.

This video covers creating a broadcast email to send to your subscribers. We talk about using email templates, adding content and scheduling the broadcast to go out at the date/time you wish.

AWeber makes it easy to automatically send your blog posts out to subscribers. This video shows you how to add your URL, customize the look of your email, and set it up to send automatically.

Integrating With Other Services

This video will assist you in adding the AWeber sign up form widget to your WordPress-powered site or blog.

This video demonstrates how to add your sign up forms to a Facebook page so your fans can quickly and easily sign up with just a few clicks.

AWeber integrates seamlessly with your PayPal account and allows you to easily move subscribers between prospect lists and customer lists when they purchase.

Advanced Email Marketing

This video details how to set up a split test – basically, a way to test out to emails that are similar, but not the same (i.e. different subject lines: one uses personalization and the other does not) and then looking at those test results.

Track goals, conversions, and web hits easily by installing email analytics in your messages. By adding our simple Javascript snippet to your site you’ll be given new insight into how your messages perform.

This video details how to create a segment of your subscriber list based on criteria you choose. From this segment you can send more relevant, targeted emails to your subscribers.

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