Twitter Your Email Newsletters

Twitter Your Email NewslettersIf you follow online marketing circles, you’ve likely seen (and participated in) a lot of discussions about social media and using it to grow your business.

While social media isn’t a replacement for direct email marketing, it can complement it by helping you connect a larger audience to your site and campaigns.

One social media tool that a lot of you seem to be using (and that we also use here at AWeber) is Twitter.

Today, we’re happy to announce that you can now use your Twitter and AWeber accounts together to expand the reach of your email newsletters.

Publish Your Email Newsletters to Twitter

Now, whenever you create a broadcast message in AWeber, you have the option to automatically “tweet” that email too!

Here are a couple examples taken from real AWeber users on Twitter:

Twitter Email Newsletter Examples

How It Works

To use this feature:

  1. Go to the Broadcast page of your account.
  2. Create a broadcast.
  3. Before saving your broadcast, mark the “Syndicate” checkbox.

  1. Mark the “Twitter” box and enter your login/password

When you send your broadcast, we’ll automatically update your Twitter status with the subject line of your email newsletter and a short link to an online version of your email.

Twitter Email Newsletters FAQ

A couple quick questions and answers:

  • Can I choose which broadcasts get tweeted?

    Once you enter your Twitter login and password once, we’ll assume you want to tweet all of your broadcasts.

    If there’s a broadcast you don’t want to tweet, just unmark the checkbox while editing it.

  • How many Twitter IDs can I link to my account?

    You can link one Twitter ID to your account at any one time. You can change which ID is linked to your account by entering the login/password for it in step 4 above (this will replace your previously selected Twitter ID).

    We’ve updated our social media options since this post was made – now, you can link to as many Twitter IDs as you want! Learn more about our new Twitter integration in our knowledge base.

Have any other questions? Ask them below or get in touch with us.

Using Twitter? So Are We.

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