Exciting Changes to the AWeber Affiliate Program

TrumpetsOur affiliates responded to the recent survey about the affiliate program with a lot of helpful feedback.

Your input was very helpful, and will allow us to better serve your needs. Thank you very much for responding!

Based on your feedback, we are happy to announce the following changes to the AWeber affiliate program:

  1. All commissions will be raised to 30%. This includes existing 1st tier commissions of 20%.
  2. Affiliate cookies will last 1 year instead of the previous 10 years.
  3. All affiliates will be paid once a month, on the first of every month.
  4. The minimum check payout will be $30.00 for US affiliates and $50.00 for affiliates not based in the US.

All of these changes will be effective on April 8th, 2009.

How Your Input Helped Our Decisions

We feel that your input is always very important. So the information you provided us in our last survey was instrumental in our decisions.

36.1% of you voted for the 1 year cookie.
23.6% of you voted to keep using the 10 year “lifetime” cookie as we have up until now.
However, since the remaining 40.4% of you voted for a cookie duration less than 1 year, we thought a happy medium would be the 1 year cookie.

Now, as for your feedback on our commission proposal of 30%, a commission hike of 30%, plus the removal of the second tier affiliate commissions was met with very strong approval. It was apparent that this change would be welcome, so we certainly are going to implement it.

With the rest of the changes to our affiliate program, we followed the same guidelines. We took your feedback and came up with the best possible changes based on that feedback.

Moving Forward…

As the months go by, look forward to many other exciting changes that will benefit your AWeber affiliate campaign.

We hope you enjoy the new changes to our program thus far. As always, if you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact us.

This should be an exciting year for all of us!