New Email Templates For Our Valentines – You!

Do you remember sharing Valentine’s Day cards with your classmates in grade school? You can re-create that fun by sending your emails on beautiful Valentine’s templates.

Bethany Robinson, our design intern, created 4 new templates just for the occasion. These templates are now available in all accounts. Not an AWeber customer? We have one for you too!

4 Valentine’s Day Templates For Your Emails

Bethany describes how each new template can help businesses who want to do something different for Valentine’s Day:


“Here, ornamental flourishes decorate an otherwise simple and clean single-column layout. Amidst the floral elements, two curves come together to create a heart.”

Ways To Use This Template

“This template comes in four variations and would fit well with any campaign that wants to spotlight the 14th while staying classy or formal.”


“The blue and red pattern around the edge of this template hint at the early days of mail transportation. In the upper right, a postal mark appears over two hearts that take the place of traditional postage stamps. Beside the postal mark is a customizable header that reads ‘Happy Valentine’s Day.’”

Ways To Use This Template

“This template would be perfect for any businesses involved in travel services or vintage wares.”


“A traditional Valentine heart bordered with an ornate white pattern sits front-and-center in this template. In front of the heart, a banner waves with the words “Happy Valentine’s Day” – though the text can easily be edited and changed. This banner stretches vertically to fit whatever is placed within it.”

Ways To Use This Template

“I could see this being used to send a Valentine to customers or to emphasize a quick message about Valentine’s Day. This traditional approach allows any business that wants to spice up their design for Valentine’s Day to do so.”


“Thick pink stitches combine with paper textures to give this design a handmade feel. Below the lovebirds, the words “LOVE IS IN THE AIR” floats in the form of a transparent PNG, which can easily be deleted or replaced.”

Ways To Use This Template

“While this template may not be appropriate for all newsletters, it’s perfect for the more fun and creative business or organization. I pictured this template being used to send customers information about products or services relevant for the upcoming holiday.”

A Valentine’s Gift For All

We love our customers AND our loyal readers, which is why everyone can download “Lovebirds” for free! You can use it anywhere, even if you don’t have an AWeber account.

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  1. The “banner” design is lovely. Bethany sure does have alot of talent. :-)

    2/4/2013 10:13 pm
  2. Great templates! Thanks for this.

    2/6/2013 9:36 pm
  3. Norma

    What software is required to open these templates? I’ve tried Adobe Photoshop Elements and it won’t let me open them. Please advise. Thanks

    2/7/2013 3:37 pm
  4. Norma – You should open it in a plain text application, this will give you the HTML code to the template which you can then paste into your message editor.

    2/8/2013 11:56 am