Introducing Unlimited Image Storage!

unlimited cartoon

Limitations suck. That’s what we think here at AWeber. We don’t really believe in limitations here. We like things to be unlimited, like the number of emails you can send or the number of lists you can have or the amount of image storage you can get for free.

What was that? Did we say unlimited free image storage? We sure did.

…And This Is Why It’s AWesome

Unlimited image storage means you can add all the photos you need for your newsletters without having to delete the ones you already have. Unlimited image storage means you can upload bigger photos – up to 10MB, the same file size as photos snapped on your iPhone.

And the best part? You don’t have to pay anything extra for it. It’s free and it’s active in your account right now.

Unlimited Potential For Your Email Campaigns

So what does unlimited storage mean for your emails?

Bigger Images: Grab Attention

“Hero graphics” are a current trend in email and web design. What’s a hero graphic? It’s a big image at the top of an email or a website that grabs attention and sets the tone (see it in action on AWeber customer Fork Restaurant’s website).

Bigger upload sizes means you can play with this trend in your emails (just don’t make your entire email one big image – here’s why).

Something else to note about bigger, eye-catching images: we optimize the image size to fit in your email for you, so you don’t have to. When you upload an image at full size, we instantly resize it to fit inside your template (but you can always choose to use the original size if you prefer).

More Images: Show Off All Your Products

Any business with lots of products to show off will love this. If you have a lot of items to showcase – maybe from your Etsy shop or other online store – don’t worry about running out of space to store them. Unlimited storage means unlimited potential to show off your wares.

Share Images: From Live Events

At a conference? Hosting a local shindig? Want to let your email list in on the fun? Snap photos with your cell phone, save them to your computer and upload them to your AWeber image gallery to send a recap email after your event.

We increased the upload size to 10MB, which is the perfect size for your iPhone photos taken at conferences, meetups and other events you want to advertise.

What Does Unlimited Mean To You?

What will you do with your free, unlimited image storage? Share your inspiration in the comments!