Social Promos, Online Events and Surveys: August 2014 Apps Roundup

From Facebook opt in forms and simple surveys, to powerful online event tools, this month’s fresh crop of integrations will help you not only grow your audience, but also show how you can better serve them.

And once again, we’ve asked our partners to explain exactly why you’d want to connect these services to your AWeber account.

So check out these quick overviews, set-up videos and special offers exclusively for AWeber customers, to find out how these apps can best boost your business.


Thomas Kjeldgaard, Co-Founder of SplashPost. Twitter: @SplashPost

Who is SplashPost best suited for?

SplashPost lets marketers collect leads and generate sales right from within the heart of Facebook’s News Feed.

What sets SplashPost apart from other, similar apps?

SplashPost has a very easy-to-use interface and tons of pre-designed professional templates “done for you”. All editing is as simple as clicking a button. No technical or design skills are needed.

Get step-by-step help connecting Splashpost to AWeber

What benefits/results can marketers expect from using this integration?

We’ve seen clients generate up to $40,000 in e-book sales by using SplashPost to collect leads and convert them into paying customers. Agencies have been using SplashPost to generate leads for clients in competitive markets for a fraction the cost of other channels.

Why should AWeber customers connect to SplashPost right now?

If you want to generate more leads and sales using Facebook, one of the biggest traffic sources out there, SplashPost is the perfect solution! All the leads can now be passed directly into an AWeber account so welcome emails and autoresponders can be sent right after sign up, and leads are automatically ready for standalone emails.

What’s the pricing model? Is there a special offer for AWeber clients?

SplashPost has a three-tier monthly pricing model, starting with a $24 Premium plan, which collects up to 200 email addresses per month and allows for integration with AWeber. Plans for larger businesses and agencies are also available.

AWeber customers can get a special discount on the highest-tier Agency model for a one-time fee of $97. This includes lifetime access to all Agency level features with no additional monthly charges or fees. Hurry! This offer will expire August 12, 2014 at 12pm ET.


John Rydell, CEO of MeetingBurner. Twitter: @MeetingBurner

Who is MeetingBurner best suited for?

MeetingBurner is for anyone who conducts online meetings, webinars or screen-sharing sessions. It’s ideal for marketers, business owners, thought leaders and teams who regularly meet remotely with prospects, clients and associates.

What sets MeetingBurner apart from other, similar apps?

MeetingBurner was developed to disrupt the $5 billion web meeting industry and replace the slow, clunky platforms of the past. Our cloud-based platform:

  • Is blazing fast, loading in a fraction of the time of our best-known competitors
  • Offers a superior download-free experience for attendees
  • Can handle meetings for up to 1000 people
  • Offers significant savings compared to other platforms

Hosts have a powerful set of features at their fingertips, while attendees can enter a meeting from their computer or smartphone, in seconds.

Get step-by-step help connecting MeetingBurner to AWeber

What benefits/results can marketers expect from using this integration?

With MeetingBurner, marketers can promote virtual events, improve registration and attendance tracking, and boost sales via more targeted communication with participants. Those lists now work seamlessly with AWeber to take that communication to the next level with email.

Why should AWeber customers connect to MeetingBurner right now?

By connecting to MeetingBurner, AWeber customers can enjoy a fast, full-featured platform that improves the meeting experience for their attendees, while saving potentially thousands of dollars a year in webinar hosting fees.

What’s the pricing model? Is there a special offer for AWeber clients?

MeetingBurner’s Basic pricing model for up to ten attendees is free. From there, the Pro model hosts up to 50 attendees at $39.95 per month and the Premier package allows up to 1,000 attendees at $99.95 per month.

AWeber customers can get MeetingBurner Premier for just $199 per year (that’s 85% off the regular price, a savings of $1,000).

Customer Thermometer

Lindsay Willott, CEO of Customer Thermometer. Twitter: @CustThermometer

Who is Customer Thermometer best suited for?

Customer Thermometer is best suited for companies who want to use their newsletters and marketing emails to find out how their customers and prospects are feeling about them. By embedding Customer Thermometer emoticons and feedback buttons in AWeber outbound emails, businesses can track satisfaction regularly, right down to individuals.

What sets Customer Thermometer apart from other, similar apps?

This tool can track satisfaction directly from recipients clicking a button within the email. There’s no need to send customers off to complete a separate survey; the response is registered right from within AWeber. It also uniquely has a red and yellow alert system. So if a customer is unhappy, you can (a) see exactly who is unhappy in real time and (b) have Customer Thermometer email you or alert your phone so you can act swiftly upon it.

Get step-by-step help connecting Customer Thermometer to AWeber

What benefits/results can marketers expect from using this integration?

With the crossover between reputation and marketing that has been driven by social media, marketers need to be alerted to unhappy customers as soon as is possible. They also need to be aware not just that someone is unhappy, but told specifically who is unhappy, so they can take corrective action in real-time. Customer Thermometer drives this process.

Why should AWeber customers connect to Customer Thermometer right now?

Using Customer Thermometer can help to significantly reduce customer churn rate. If you’re using AWeber to communicate with customers regularly you can connect with Customer Thermometer now and start tracking customer satisfaction against real customers, in real time, in less than 10 minutes. Once you know who’s unhappy, you can act accordingly, and retain or win back many more of those customers.

What’s the pricing model? Is there a special offer for AWeber clients?

Customer Thermometer is a pay-monthly subscription with no contract. You just pay as you go. You can send as many surveys embedded into AWeber as you like, we only charge when someone actually responds to the survey. Only one license is needed for multiple users. Plans start at $29 per month.

AWeber customers can get 20% off for life by using the code JKH2SY20 at sign up.

What’s Next?

Connect these tools with your AWeber account, and start growing your email lists and customer insights.

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