Create Surveys to Segment Your Subscribers: 5 Steps

It’s every email marketer’s challenge: creating just the kind of messages that subscribers will enjoy and respond to.

The straightforward solution is simply asking each subscriber what they’d like to receive.

Asking at sign up can make your form too long and off-putting. So ask for preferences in an email survey instead.

You’ve seen how surveys can help you deliver more targeted email campaigns; now here’s a nuts-and-bolts look at how to set it up.

Survey Says: Put a Little Work In Now…

Setting up an email survey is going to take a few minutes. But we do mean it when we say few – it’s not complicated. Plus, do it once and you’ll get answers from subscribers forever! Here’s how:

1. First, write up a broadcast for your current list with your survey questions in it. List the optional answers people can choose from.

2. Then, link each answer to its own thank-you page. By tracking visits to these pages, you’ll see who clicked on each answer.

3. Don’t worry about tracking visits to those pages yourself – our system will do it. Just toss our email analytics onto each page, and you’re good to go.

4. You’ll want to make sure to get these answers from every subscriber possible. So copy the HTML of your broadcast into a follow up message so future subscribers can choose their preferences as well. Remember, the earlier you set the message in the follow up sequence, the sooner each subscriber will get emails customized to their preferences.

5. Ready? Send out your broadcast! Now next time you send an email, you’ll have data to segment by. Make sure the message goes to the right group: just search your subscribers by “web page visited,” choose the page related to the right group and send to that segment!

(And if you’re not sending this as a follow up, you can use your broadcast’s QuickStats for even easier segmentation!)

Survey Says: It’ll Pay Off Later!

You can use that to send custom versions of your emails out to the different segments you’ve found with your survey. You’ll be able to customize your emails according to…

…who wants only coupons and sales offers, and who wants all your emails no matter what they are

…who wants updates on a specific topic, and who’d rather not hear about it

…who wants weekly emails, and who only wants to hear from you monthly

And Survey Always Says Thank You!

You may have noticed that every time a survey participant clicks on an answer, they’ll be taken to a new page.

This gives you an opportunity to thank people for answering. Also, confirm that you’ve noticed their preferences – they’ll be getting your emails their way from now on!

What Would Your Survey Say?

Surveys let you gather lots of data to segment by. You’ll also get a look at your list’s interests and habits as a whole.

What sort of information should an email marketer ask for from their subscribers? What would you ask for?

Tell us in the comments!