3 Tips to Optimize Your Email Landing Pages

Magnified URL AddressThe success of our email marketing campaigns does not rely entirely on the success of our email.

What I mean is, if the goal of our email is not only to drive traffic to our websites but ultimately to convert that traffic into sales, our websites need to do their jobs too.

Email tracking and analytics let us know how our emails are performing. In order to make sure our marketing campaigns are performing as we’d hope as a whole, we’ll also want to take a look at the web pages we send our subscribers to.

Make Sure Your Web Pages Work, Not Just the Links

Before we send our email messages, we should always test them. In doing so, one of the things we’re looking for is working links.

This entails clicking on each link in a message to make sure the correct web page opens properly in a browser. If they do, we tend to close the browser window and move on to the next step in our sending routines.

But wait! Here are 3 other things we should look for before we close out the window:

One or More Clear Calls to Action

Dead ends are always bad when it comes to conversions. Do your emails’ landing pages clearly prioritize where what the subscriber should do once they click through and browse through the first page they see? Or, do they have to really think through what options there are for action?

Something Valuable the Email Didn’t Provide

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with re-purposing content from our websites for email. But if our emails link to pages that don’t really provide anything new and valuable, our subscribers are more likely to close out the window than do anything else on the site..

Analytics Tracking

OK, so this is something subscribers won’t actually see, but if you’ve read to the third tip in this article, you’re clearly interested in the performance of your web pages. The best way to get actionable insight is to install an analytics software on your website.

If you have one and have not yet integrated it with your email marketing campaign, take the small amount of time it takes and do so.

More In-Depth Tips on Landing Page Optimization

Our web pages are an integral part of our email campaigns, even though they’re found in the web browser and not the inbox. They’re something we shouldn’t forget while we’re working on our campaigns.

For more tips on optimizing them, check out some of the free resources over at Marketing Experiments Journal. On their site you’ll find archived reports and opportunities to sit in on live seminars with experts on the topic.