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Super Duper Deli

In the New Jersey area? See what’s on the menu.

Owner Bill Pavlou runs the Super Duper Deli in Edison, NJ. The deli serves up breakfast and lunch, with different specials every day. It also operates as a catering service.

The deli sends out specials to subscribers which go out around 10 o’clock every morning. Bill sets up the broadcast first thing in the morning and schedules it to go out later that day.

This makes Bill happy, because other marketing mediums are much more time-consuming and not things a busy business owner has time to deal with.

Bill is able to work the daily specials emails into his busy schedule and effectively reach the deli’s subscribers, who also have busy schedules, at just the right time to bring in the lunch crowd.

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“We realize that not all of our customers are working an office job where a receptionist might receive our fax and post it on a bulletin board,” Bill says. “With the popularity of smartphones, we can let an attorney walking out of a court room know what his lunch options are just as easily as we can let a contractor installing cable know what the daily soups are.”

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