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Michael Stelzner shares his thoughts.

Back in 2009, Michael Stelzner realized that social media would start to play a huge part in marketing businesses. He started Social Media Examiner that year, a site dedicated to teaching businesses how to effectively market themselves on social media.

It may come as a surprise that someone so involved in social media would think email is important. But it is – and Michael relies on email to send out his latest tips from the blog and news on upcoming courses.

That’s not to say that social media isn’t an important part of the equation. Social media sharing helps the Social Media Examiner site get more than 450,000 visitors a day.

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“I made the strategic decision to make Social Media Examiner a movement, something people wanted to be a part of,” says Stelzner. “I deemphasized my role and gave a commercial-free stage to other experts. And people rushed in by the tens of thousands. When we finally turned on the marketing engines, we had a blockbuster experience.

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