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Nikki in Stitches

We sit down with Nikki to talk crafts, email and more!

Nikki McGonigal is owner and operator of Nikki, In Stitches. Her business includes her Etsy shop selling her handmade crafts, a blog and an online course dedicated to teaching people the craft of, well, crafting.

Nikki fully believes that email is the best way to take advantage of people coming to your site and earn their business. She sees her email list as a community – people get to know her and she builds on that relationship.

Growing her subscriber list is important, which is why she has a light box sign up form on her site. In fact, her lightbox has brought in 1375% more signups than her sidebar form.

Lightbox, popover…check out all the forms you can use!>

“I like how easy AWeber is to use.” says Nikki.

I like that you can quickly change things, but keep your list, if I wanted to change my pop up or change my follow up messages or change how I send my broadcasts, it’s really easy to do that and not always have to start from scratch.

And there’s another thing that’s really great about AWeber, it makes it really easy for customers to contact me back. There’s no need to look around and try to find my email address; there’s no need to look for a contact form on my site. Once a week I open the door by sending them a blog broadcast, and all they have to do is hit reply to get back in touch with me.

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