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Ask the Builder

Tim Carter runs the website Using videos, Tim teaches his audience how to DIY many home improvement projects.

To reach potential email subscribers, Tim leverages video.

At the end of his video tutorials, Tim talks about his email campaign and why viewers should sign up. This works well since many viewers might need a more step-by-step guide.

Tim set up a page for new subscribers to land on after they confirm their subscription. This page offers a bundle of helpful checklists for a variety of building projects at a discounted price.

Because Tim’s pitching this offer to people he knows are interested in his guides, he’s been extremely successful. After 16 months, Tim’s profits included over $11,000 just from that page.

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“My advice is to absolutely have something to sell at the confirmation page,” says Tim. “It’s free money. You have the person’s TRUST and attention at that point. Leverage it to the hilt.

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