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Switching to AWeber from GetResponse is easy

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2 Contact our live Customer Solutions Team.

We’ll ask you to send over your list.

Once you do, we can help move it into AWeber for you.

3 Start creating your messages while we get your list imported.

Our team will work with you to get your list migrated to AWeber.

In the meantime, go ahead and start setting up the autoresponders and broadcasts you want to start sending to them.

Why You’ll Love AWeber

Our autoresponders deliver your evergreen content to each new subscriber and increase engagement.
Hundreds of free stylish templates make your email newsletters look professional and fun.
Signup Forms
Signup forms that are easy to add to your website, so you can quickly build your email list.
Seamless integration with WordPress, Facebook, PayPal, Shopify and other software that powers your business.
Switching Providers
Is your email list hosted somewhere else? Switching to AWeber is easy. We’ll walk you through it.
Customer Support
Providing you with the best customer support anywhere.

You Might Be Wondering…

Q I’ve heard AWeber makes everyone double opt-in to my list again when I switch. Is that true?

A Not true. We’re happy to help you switch from GetResponse without re-confirming your subscribers. Simply contact our Customer Solutions Team and we’ll even help you get your list imported into AWeber.

Q How much does AWeber cost? How does pricing compare to GetResponse?

A Our pricing is similar to GetResponse’s. And because we want to make switching easy, your 1st month with AWeber is free to try.

Q What about my email template? Does AWeber have good-looking templates? Can I move my template over from GetResponse?

A We have over 600 stylish email templates that look great on both computers and smartphones. We can also help set up a custom template with your company’s logo and color scheme.

Q How’s AWeber’s email deliverability? Will my emails reach subscribers?

A Hundreds of thousands of the best businesses on the Internet trust us to get their emails delivered. Why? Reliability. We’ve been delivering email for entrepreneurs and marketers like yours for over 15 years. In that time, we’ve learned a lot about what it takes to provide reliable service. As a new customer, you’ll enjoy the same stable, powerful infrastructure that every business using AWeber gets.

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