Moving From Feedburner To AWeber

If you’re relying on Feedburner to email your posts out, you’re missing some AWesome features that can make your marketing even better and keep readers coming back to your blog.

Like emailing your blog posts out on a schedule you choose: daily, weekly, monthly, every time you publish a post or a custom schedule your readers choose. Or sending your most popular posts to new readers.

You can even break your list down to target readers with specific content you know they’ll love. And you can do it all with a designed email template that matches your blog’s theme.

Feedburner can’t do any of that. Plus, we’ve got phone support to answer all your questions.

Ready to make the move? We’ve got a guide to help you get all set up and running in no time.

How To Move Your Campaign From Feedburner To AWeber

Moving to a new email service is a big decision – you’ve got to migrate your whole list, plus your email templates and any autoresponders you’re using. We created this guide to make the process easier for you.

This guide covers:

  • How to import your list of email addresses into AWeber
  • Connecting your blog’s RSS feed to AWeber
  • Selecting the frequency for your blog newsletter
  • Deactivating Feedburner
  • Creating sign up forms with AWeber’s Sign Up Form Generator

…and much more!

Share This Guide With Others

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Ready To Switch Over?

AWeber can help you create an email campaign that brings in the results you want. Move your list over and get started today: