Podcasting and Email Newsletters: Presentation at PodCamp Philly

Last weekend, Tracey (our Director of Customer Solutions) and I attended and presented at PodCamp Philly.

While it’s not an email marketing event per se, it gives us an opportunity to learn about and discuss complementary media and marketing technologies and tools. (Plus it gives us a chance to get out from behind our computers and talk to local business owners and publishers in person.)

Just like last year, it was a great event with a lot of quality discussions on web publishing and building communities.

To give you an idea of what went on at the event, below are some of my notes from the event, as well as my presentation slides.

Email Newsletters and Podcasting

In the discussion, I aimed to point out that while email often gets denigrated in discussions of new media publishing, it still has an important role to play (not least due to its continued widespread use).

The discussion then turned to how bloggers and podcasters can incorporate email into their communication strategy, as well as some specific content/tactic ideas.

Here’s the slideshow from my presentation:

Interestingly, most if not all people at the talk were already on-board with the idea of incorporating email into their blogs and podcasts – they were mostly there for the tips!

So we spent a lot of time on the last handful of slides, talking about content ideas (see slides 12 and 13 above).

Do you have any other suggestions for email content? Share them below!

Meeting and Listening to Debbie Weil at PodCamp

In addition to presenting, Tracey and I had the opportunity to sit in on a number of quality sessions.

In a couple of these, Debbie Weil (author of The Corporate Blogging Book and pictured at right with me) discussed executive blogging and critiqued a couple of blogs live.

Justin Premick and Debbie WeilOne of the most interesting points she made – that the success of a blog isn’t best measured by the number of comments or the sheer amount of traffic that it receives – applies quite well to email marketing, too.

We often get caught up in judging our email marketing success by those things that we can most easily track over the shortest period of time. Opens, clickthroughs and yes, even orders are important, but they don’t fully determine the value of your email campaigns.

That’s an important idea to keep in mind when building an email marketing program for the long haul – it helps to keep us from getting too promotional too often (and driving away subscribers who feel there’s not enough value in our emails) rather than building the relationships that drive repeat customers and referrals.

Debbie was also kind enough to give us a copy of her book and chat about email marketing for a while (thanks!).


  1. Guy

    9/16/2008 2:11 pm

    Hi Justin

    Thanks for the information it was helpful though presented in an unusual way that may leave most people not finding the rich nuggets within.

    I’m not saying it was a bad way, just different.

    When I saw the video box I thought I was going to watch a video. After several moments of me staring at it and it staring at me we came to an enpass and I started clicking buttons. It was then that things really got interesting as I would click the closest thing to a play button I could find and it would advance one slide.

    Ahhhh, I said to myself.

    These are slides. Clever, but I hope everyone understands what they are.

    However, that was not the end of my mysterious adventure.

    Next I would look at the nicely prepared graphics when suddenly my mouse jumped into action and drifted over one of the pictures. To my surprise they were clickable. Most people, at least the ones I hang with sure aren’t used to clickable videos, errrr slides.

    Perhaps I’m just hanging with the wrong crowds, you know the one’s my mama warned me about? Or perhaps, just perhaps, I won’t be the only one to be found in the boat of confusion just to discover that I really can walk on water.

    I’m hoping the above is taken as constructive criticism, because AWeber is the best of the best.

    PS: If you happen to find people who have PR2 or better Internet Marketing websites who would consider themselves experts in the industry, I am trying to build a database of such folks for the "Expert Authority" section of http://SEO-And-Beyond.com. Just send them my way and I’ll be glad to dialog with them.

  2. Susie Pitt

    9/17/2008 3:22 am

    Great advice….I always appreciate your business ethic and believe you do a fantastic job. The slide show was very informative and gave me some really good ideas
    Love your product and so do thousands of others

  3. Justin Premick

    9/17/2008 8:28 am

    Hi Guy,

    Feedback is always appreciated, thanks!

    I’ve added some clarification above to make sure people know they’re seeing the slideshow from my talk, and pointed out which slides were most related to the content idea discussion that took place.

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