Coming This October: Master Digital Marketing at ASCEND

If you’re anything like most business owners we talk to every day, you know you need to master not only email, but a variety of other key marketing skills.

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You’re besieged by so much information that it’s hard to know who to trust.
  • You’re so busy running a business there’s no time to stop and sift through what’s out there.
  • You’ve got so many critical things to learn — email, blogging, social, SEO — but you’re not sure how much of each you need to be successful.

If this sounds anything like you, I have some good news for you.

Today, you’re invited to a special event that will dramatically raise your marketing game.

I’m thrilled to announce ASCEND, our inaugural digital marketing summit.

ASCEND starts on October 22nd and runs through the 24th.

In just a few days, ASCEND will arm you with knowledge and strategies that will elevate your business this year and beyond.

3 Reasons You Should Come to ASCEND

You’re a busy person with a world of choices available to you every day.

If you’re going to drop what you’re doing and join us for ASCEND, you probably want a good reason to do so, right?

Tell you what… instead of one reason, how about we give you 3 reasons?

(They’re all pretty compelling. Pick which one moves you.)

1. Learn From The Best Marketing and Business Minds On The Planet.

ASCEND is designed to help you master the areas that are the foundation of a successful digital business:

  • Content marketing and blogging
  • Email marketing
  • Social media
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Conversion optimization and split testing
  • Analytics
  • Affiliate and referral marketing

In just two days, you’ll hear from over 20 of the smartest thinkers in all of these areas.

Ann Handley of MarketingProfs. Marcus Sheridan of The Sales Lion. Michael Brenner of SAP. Plenty of engaging sessions between keynotes.

You’ll walk out of ASCEND fully “in the know” on the strategies and tactics our speakers used to build their own thriving businesses. Think of it like peeking over the shoulders of over 20 successful entrepreneurs and watching them in action.

See all ASCEND speakers

Not only will you learn from these whiz kids, you’ll have the chance to network and chat with them directly throughout ASCEND.

Oh, and if you’re worried about picking between two great sessions? Rest easy: ASCEND is a one-stage, one-session-at-a-time event – so you won’t miss a single lesson from these rockstars.

2. Have Fun Meeting and Connecting With Smart Business Owners Like You

ASCEND is going to be just like Goldilocks’ bed – not too big, not too small. (But with no bears.)

We’re holding seats for the first 250 registrants. After that, the doors close and we focus on putting on an AWesome event for you.

Why that size?

It’s big enough to bring in a variety of smart, creative, entrepreneurial minds.

And it’s small enough that you’ll be able to meet everyone you want to meet and get a seat near the stage during sessions. (There are no bad seats in the house.)

Not a born networker? We’ll make it easy for you.

With social lunches provided on-site, regular coffee breaks, and just the right amount of comfortable seating, ASCEND will make it hard to NOT connect with smart, friendly entrepreneurs.

3. Discover and Enjoy America’s Birthplace.


If you’ve never been to Philadelphia, or you haven’t seen her in a long time, it’s time to come say hi to the City of Brotherly Love.

In a short time here, you can…

  • Explore unforgettable slices of history like the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall
  • Chow down on a famous Philly cheesesteak (the real kind, not the kind you see on the menu at your local Applebee’s. Accept no substitutes.)
  • Channel your inner Rocky by running up and down the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum.
  • Take in Philly’s amazing arts scene, including the largest collections of Impressionist paintings and Rodin’s sculptures outside of France.
  • Get your picture taken in famous LOVE Park.
  • Stroll down gorgeous Boathouse Row in Fairmount Park – you might even see a rowing race!

Coming to ASCEND may be just what your business needs. And coming to Philly may be just what you need, too.

4. Meet and Chat With the AWeber Team

I know. I said 3 reasons. But I’d be silly to not point this 4th one out, too.

Sure, we’re bringing in a whole crew of marketing experts from outside of AWeber.

But we aren’t going to just leave you in a room with them for three days…

The AWeber team is coming to ASCEND in full force. You’ll chat with our top brass, plus team members from all areas — Engineering, Marketing, Customer Solutions, Design, and more.

We’ll also be taking the stage to share some insights of our own from the past 16 years of our life in business and marketing.

Who knows? We may even have a few new toys to show you at ASCEND before the rest of the world sees them…

RSVP Now — First 50 Seats Are Over 40% Off

Tickets to ASCEND are on sale starting now.

Reserve your seat here

The event isn’t until October, but with only 250 seats available, you’ll want to move now to save your spot.

Plus we’re offering the first 50 seats for a super early-bird price that’s more than 40% off the regular price.

After those are gone? The price goes up — and it’ll still be a bargain when compared to the $1000+ you’d normally pay for an event like this, but 40% off sure sounds better, doesn’t it?

Reserve your seat for ASCEND here

We can’t wait to see you there!