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AWeber Survey Shows 83% of Small Businesses Are Rocking It in 2016 by Doing More Email Marketing

Company Releases Data from its Annual Customer Survey of Small Business Owners

Chalfont, Pa. March 29, 2016 – An annual customer survey conducted by AWeber uncovers the top email marketing strategies for small business owners. The survey of 1,600 respondents shows that businesses are rocking their email marketing efforts in three key ways: by tapping into email automation, honing in on their subscriber relationships, and simply doing more by sending more.

More specifically, highlights from the survey data show:

  • 83% plan to increase their use of email marketing in 2016 versus 2015
  • 45% say the email marketing strategy they’re most excited to try is automation (automating emails based off of subscriber actions and attributes)
  • The top three areas where businesses are dedicating their email marketing energies are (1) subscriber growth, (2) converting subscribers into paying buyers, and (3) raising the level of engagement they get from their subscribers

“I think what’s most telling about the survey responses is business owners’ focus on automation and engaging with subscribers,” says Tom Tate, Product Marketing Manager at AWeber. “Throughout this year, I’m excited to see small businesses use email automation to build deeper relationships with their audiences in easier and even more efficient ways.”

The AWeber survey also reaffirmed the value of email marketing for small business growth. About 30% said they attribute 25% or more of their revenue to their email marketing and 81% said the overall future growth of their business greatly relies on email.

Each year, AWeber distributes this survey to its customer base made up of more than 100,000 small businesses around the world. The purpose is to keep a pulse on the use and effectiveness of email marketing for small businesses.

Erik Harbison, AWeber’s Chief Marketing Officer, says, “The business owners who are rocking it with email marketing are those who recognize the power of email beyond just sending a message. They see the value in growing an audience of email subscribers as part of the overall growth strategy for their businesses.”

More data points from the AWeber survey can be seen at To read more about the top email marketing strategies used by small businesses, visit the AWeber blog.

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